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  1. Re: English Championship 2 Talking about the game, I'm not surprised of Rotherham's strong start, they have a very good young talented team. Newcastle is always right up there, and I believe that his formation is really effective. I had a very rough start and I'm thinking of switching my formation to a 4 line defense instead of the one I'm using right now. Which formation do you think is more effective?
  2. Re: English Championship 2 David, I agree with all you wrote but the part where the Walsall and Tottenham guy could be brothers. They are not, the part where he says "brother" it's referred to Scott, not to the Tottenham manager. What gives you enough proof that the guy is controlling both accounts is that he had to comment on a subject where he had nothing to do with (Ochoa going to Fulham). Either he got confused when he wrote it and tought he was actually writing with Tottenham or he's just plain dumb. What happened with the last 3 players he both is the typical case of "damage control": he basically makes sure he gets those players one way or another. Worst case scenario he'll get them at a top price with his 2nd squad to resell them to his main team later on. It's funny that as I was discussing this with Scott I predicted to him that Tottenham was gonna withdraw once he was sure the Walsall got the players. Now the fact that he got 3 **** players makes it not that important, but if and when it will come to get better players it will **** off many people. And last, the reason why he's selling players with cut-rate deals is because he doesn't care about it, he needs cash to keep having the leverage when he has competition on transfers. Like Adriano said, the best way is to just let the whole gw to "isolate" him. Plus by now I believe that the whole "active" gw knows about this guy and will hopefully stop dealing with him. But don't think that the headline GUARDADO & HUNT - SALE or EXCHANGE? will not appear over the next days, because it will lol
  3. English Championship 2 Opening the thread about EC2 to discuss about transfers, results and cheaters (which seems to be a recurring problem lately). Let's start with cheaters: as we all know Walsall and Tottenham are managed by the same manager, look at the latest transfer offers he made: So he made offers for Kozlov, Lodeiro and Tarasov, very low for his main team (Walsall) and very high with his second team, so if somebody made an offer he would get the players either way and transfer them eventually. But once he had the certainty of getting those players with Walsall, he carefully withdrew the offers with Tottenham: It's so sad to see people needing to cheat in a computer game, but now that we know we can at least try to avoid dealing with the Walsall/Tottenham manager.
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