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  1. Scott Anderson is a notorious cheat. SM have removed his various accounts countless times from EC2.
  2. That's been a big part of the problem - SM not listening to managers, not responding, not taking our concerns seriously, not carrying out any proper investigation. What would be useful is to have some real improvement in reporting, investigating and dealing with cheats.
  3. I reported this 'bug' a few months ago, and was told it is not a bug at all: 'wages are paid per turn and there are 2 turns a week.' I suspect that, to make SM more realistic, players should be paid every month (and several millions more).
  4. 'There are going to be many changes to SM Worlds coming in the following months that will move the game in many ways back more towards what it used to be in the years gone by.' Great news! Really hope you follow through with all of this, and then focus on improving the actual game engine and game experience, not the UI.
  5. Try this: http://www.soccermanager.com/my-home.php?setinterface=1
  6. This is it! SM finally listened to its users! Hurrah!
  7. Yes! Just like in the old UI! Another 'improvement'!
  8. It's a nice idea, but the 2D match experience for me is hopeless. I have no clue what is going on! It's like watching from the International Space Station as a microscopic Man Utd pass themselves into a frenzy of sleep, then all of a sudden somebody apparently scores, Leicester have won the league, and you've no idea how it all happened.
  9. The new new interface rolled out today appears to be an improvement on the old new interface aping, as it does, may of the old old interface's good looks and superior features. That said, one glaring omission seems to be that there is now no way to view another teams transfer ins and outs.
  10. Not sure how you do it on an iPad, but if you don't know already, the old desktop/new mobile/new desktop urls are: http://www.soccermanager.com/my-home.php http://www.soccermanager.com/mpmob.php http://www.soccermanager.com/multiplayer.php I use all three for comparison on my desktop chrome browser, and the first two on my Kindle Fire.
  11. Just to add my twopenneth, for what it's worth (which is probably next to nothing, even though I've been playing since 2008, and been a paying Gold member for a few years, too). As a few people have mentioned in this thread already, the changes to the economy - and in particular wages - do seem to be too much and unfair, especially to smaller clubs. While I can see how increased wages this will help to reduce player hogging, my little Grimsby Town side in EC2, for example, who I took from bottom of D4 (with all 78-rated players) to D1 and numerous cup wins, will soon have to sell most of my best players just to break even. This is despite a relatively large stadium increase. This change is so bad I actually reported it as a bug, thinking either it was only affecting me, or that players were getting paid twice a week by mistake, only to be told that's exactly what is supposed to be happening! I don't know who SM consulted before making these changes, but I'm beginning to think it was my wife, who will be delighted to see me quit!
  12. Sorry, I should have made it clear I was referring to your final point about the rich getting richer, etc.
  13. Some good ideas here, too - not too dissimilar, either:
  14. Re: English Championship 2 No. It's impossible for cheating allegationsconvictions to go away. Especially when you continue cheating. Everything else is irrelevant bluster on your part.
  15. Re: English Championship 2 I don't seem to be able to post here if I include image urls.... Wonder if I can post links? https://docs.google.com/document/d/14wJSPgQfCGnNx-QcC32VTjiIoNF4ZoUeeMuM3vsS_IQ/edit?usp=sharing
  16. Re: English Championship 2 From EC6: To be fair, it was actually just two clubs he managed at once in SC4.
  17. Re: English Championship 2 From EC6: To be fair, it's actually just two clubs he managed at the same time in SC4. Scott, I think your popularity is fading next to the Walsall manager!
  18. Re: English Championship 2 Matteo, thanks for opening this thread. It's much saner way to discuss game issues like this. I'm increasingly of the opinion, that it's all Scott McFaden it's possible that these two accounts are controlled by two different people. Possibly friends, or even brothers. Let's look at the evidence again. New manager of Tottenham takes over and one of the first things he does is buy the previously unsellable Vermeer from Walsall for an overrated £15M when he already has a better keeper in Ochoa, who he then sells to Fulham for an underrated £12M. Underrated and overrated in the eyes of the rest of the game world managers. Meanwhile, he also sold Dzemaili to West Brom for £14.3M, Kakuta to Derby for £5M, and Gignac to Newcastle for £8M. You started a thread in the game world news feed questioning the legitimacy of the Vermeer deal, and Scott followed up by questioning the Dzemaili deal, too. Looking at all of those deals now, the transfer fees paid and received for Vermeer, Ochoa and Dzemaili do look to be within an acceptable range for what we might expect. Perhaps a bit high for a youngish, (improving ?) 88-rated keeper? Perhaps a bit low for a youngish, (improving?) 89-rated midfielder/goalkeeper? Certainly, the goalkeeper transfers don't appear to make any sense, but that's not the same as cheating. On the other hand, £5M for Kakuta is maybe a little low, and £8M for Gignac seems (to me) like a steal. Anyway, someone reported all of these deals (I reported Vermeer), and the message I received from the SMFA read, 'the SMFA Automated Transfer Monitoring System (ATMS) has not picked up any cheating in relation to the reported managers and transfers. The ATMS is highly tuned to look into several factors to see if the managers in question are cheating.' I realise that this doesn't mean there wasn't any cheating going on. I also reported the suspected Walsall/Tottenham multiple account and received, 'We have now investigated and taken action against these accounts.' As a result of these reports, the only transfer to be reversed was Gignac's. Which doesn't mean there was any cheating going on, just that the transfer fee is too low for the SMFA's ATMS. Moving on to the latest transfers you highlighted above. Let's look at those bids individually: Tarasov, 26 years old, 87-rated DM,M©, valued at £5M - Walsall bid £1.3M plus Greco, a 27 year old, 86-rated DM,AM©,M(LC). Tottenham bid a ludicrous £12M. Kozlov, 26 years old, 84-rated D(RC), valued at 3.2M - Walsall bid £3.2M. Tottenham bid £6.2M. Lodeiro, 24 years old, 85-rated AM(RLC), valued at 3.8M - Walsall bid £330k plus Immers, a 27 year old, 86-rated M,AM,F©. Tottenham bid £8M. So, Walsall makes undisclosed bids for three players, Tarasov, Kozlov and Lodeiro (all likely rating risers). Tottenham then makes very high public bids for the same three players, which could be seen as an attempt to put off other bidders. I was interested in Lodeiro, for example, but I wasn't going to outbid £8M for him! Once the bids were accepted (and after you started a game world news feed thread about it), Tottenham withdrew their offers, in effect guaranteeing Walsall the players, as you point out. Now, it could be, as you say, that the Walsall and Tottenham accounts are controlled by the same person. But it could also be that they are just friends, or even brothers: Bear in mind that they both appear to be Russian, and that English is therefore unlikely to be their first language (and perhaps the Spurs manager doesn't speak or write it at all? SM has been at least partly translated into Russian, from what I can see). These latest transfers do look well dodgy (have you reported them?), but then again, it could just be friends/brothers trying to outdo each other. Maybe I'm just being terribly naive? Maybe someone can try talking to them? And, rather amusingly, the Walsall manager has also defended 'Honest' Scott McFaden: Now, I don't really think that Scott is running these accounts (and I never said that he was), but I do think it's funny for him to publicly cast suspicion on other managers and then try (and fail) to take advantage of the situation for his own gain. Anyway, that's my twopenn'orth. Lastly, I note, just for the record, that Tottenham also now sold Cerci (88-rated, 26 year old AM®,F(RC)) to Peterborough for a cut-price £8M.
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