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  1. Jefferson Gomez is highly underrated. 1614minutes played in the Primera A (Colombia) 19(+2subs) games and 944minutes in the Copa Colombia 10(+1sub) games..
  2. lol, screenshot? That's why you need a bigger squad lol. I ain't never seen a GK get an injury on SM. Are you sure you ain't just lookin' at the condition "null" thing?
  3. John Stones, Chris Smalling, Aurier (more a RB but plays CB at PSG as well) and Emre Can (not really just a CB, but plays CB well, 'specially in a 3 man defence). A bit lower rated right now is Jonathan Tah. The 90 rated Marquinhos and Stephan de Vrij both should do very well, even tho' de Vrij got a big injury so he hasn't played much this season. And the above mentioned Gimenezand Zouma. Ginter plays at RB this whole season but should rise too. But I'd say the biggest riser as far as CB's go would be Andreas Christensen, still only rated 78 which is a shame.
  4. Coman's rating increase is deserved based on his performances. He makes regular minutes for (argueable) the best team in the world in every league/cup they perform in, and whenever he plays there's not much difference in his performances compared to those of his 91-96 rated team mates.
  5. Since Cup and Shield games count for the "lack of games" concern, I think it's important to keep count of how much each player played of those in previous seasons. That's why I think they should be included in the "history" tab of the statistics page on the player profile. Plus I just like to keep track of statistics of my players. What do y'all think?
  6. I always thought it was crazy that when you log in every day, but then go on vacation for 5 weeks to a place without internet you lose all your teams. I wasn't online last december because of the holidays, but despite bein' online everyday (most of the time multiple times a day even), both before and after that, I still lost all my teams.
  7. That's a average of like 2.0 yellow cards a game and 0.3 red cards, those yellow cards is not a lot if you compare it to real life teams. The red cards is just over average I think. What type of fine should it be? You only play 2 games against this team each season, that's not gon' bring up your average injuries.
  8. I fully agree. Bayern got a great squad tho', Douglas Costa, Boateng, Alaba, Muller and Lewandowski all been on fire this season as well. When Robben isn't injured he might be the best player in the world right after Messi and Ronaldo. Coman is highly underrated on SM too..
  9. Not criminally underrated, but those will all get a big rise soon: Bart Ramselaar - 72 - FC Utrecht Andreas Christensen - 78 - Borussia Monchengladbach / Denmark Jefferson Gomez - 75 - Envigado Pedro Pereira - 75 - Sampdoria Bart Nieuwkoop - 70 - Feyenoord Kaan Kairinen - 75 - Inter Turku Dominic Solanke - 76 - Vitesse Ivan Saponjic - 75 - Partizan Belgrado
  10. Re: netherland translation community lol, it's like someone who doesn't speak any Dutch AT ALL made the dutch translation by just translating certain words using google. I'd rather use the english version anyway, even if the Dutch one was good. I think the dutch translation needs to just be completely removed since most dutch people know their english anyway. Right now the front page alone will scare dutch players away. "De leukste online voetbal manager spel" lol, click X.. gone.
  11. Re: The New Players Thread He won't be rated in the 90's anytime soon, if at all, but he does look promising as far as dutch defenders go. Him and his teammate Joost van Aken are both great young dutch defenders.
  12. Re: The New Players Thread I think CV is a great talent indeed, but he has only made like 15 minutes after comin' in a substitute once if I remember it right. There's another young dutch player, who plays in the same position as CV, and made more minutes (even started in one game). A true saint who should enter the game soon. Great player as well.
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