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  1. Stockport are in the Division 2 playoffs. We don't know who we are playing yet but two of the teams are Huddersfield and Birmingham.
  2. Doncaster 3-1 Stockport After being relegated we were humilated further by an oppositions B-side and even dropped another place down the table to 19th. Also, to add insult to injury, Fernandes is retiring after only being with us for just over 2 months.
  3. Charlton 1-3 Everton We lose out on the playoffs again, gifting Southport a way in. We go again next season but we lose our captain Vincent Kompany to retirement. Hoping to find some kind of replacement for him but it won't be easy.
  4. It's all gone wrong for Stockport. Two seasons ago we won Division 3 and last season finished a respectable 10th. Despite the odd win here and there the majority of damage was done in the first half of the season with mostly losses. Now we are relegated back to the Division we won.
  5. Charlton may miss out again on the Div 2 playoffs as their usual bottling at the end of the season has happened again. However, after a 7 game disastrous run we have started to win again. The last game we beat Coventry 5-0 and Southport helped us by beating West Ham. There is one game to go to try and get that last playoff space, and it's out of us, West Ham and Southport.
  6. I'm interested in joining. I would prefer to be in Division 2 to start off with. Maybe with Connor's Quay or one of the foreign teams.
  7. Chris Lord has resigned as manager of Southampton. He managed the team for a massive 915 games and was with them from day one.
  8. I'm all for getting the older GWs filled up. I've been in English Championship 220 for 10 years and have recently been trying to fill it up, in order to not just be more active and interesting, but to stop it getting shut down. I maybe interested in joining your GW, may I ask what the GW ID is?
  9. I think I've been trying to join this setup for almost 10 years now. I thought they were going to reduce the login time from 30 days to help get rid of the guys who login at the end of every month just to keep the club.
  10. Can you bring back job offers plz? Why was it taken out of the game?
  11. Stockport had a great August, winning 6 games and drawing 2, we headed back up into the playoff places. With the help of new players coming in like Marchetti, Setic, Waris, and Kaya, we were even in 2nd place at one point. We knocked out Spurs and Man Utd from the Shield also, but September has not been good. Although in September we also knocked Blackpool and Hartlepool out of the Shield, booking a final against Palace, league form started dwindling. Recently we were thumped 5-1 by Chesterfield, my old team. We now need to get our form back. Not just for the final but to push back into those playoff spaces.
  12. Braintree Town here. Have bought Sutjipto AIRLANGGA, Nikica KOŠUTIĆ, Công Vinh LÊ, Syed NABI, Guilherme AFONSO, Allan WANGA, & Pawel BUZALA.
  13. First win and it's against Arsenal 3-0. Sow gets a brace and Ganso nets one. Points on the board and we are away. Next up is Orient.
  14. Lost 2-1 to Bury. Had the majority of shots and possession so should have won on that basis. Have Arsenal next which will be one of the biggest challenges for my Stockport side.
  15. I joined in Season 1 as Mansfield manager, then Oxford, then Plymouth. Now I'm with Yeovil so I've club hopped a little in just 6 seasons. I'm planning on staying with my current team but if I get a decent offer to manage someone else I will consider it.
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