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  1. Re: help with rooney deal afrain not i already offered him ibra, milito and 30m in the first place
  2. i have just been offer a chance to buy rooney for 20m + ibrahemovic + higuain. i have messi, milito and bojan as my other strikers but im still not sure. would anyone else go for this deal?
  3. orite guys i cant decide what deal i should make for him fabregas. higuain + robben + 10millon or benzema + robben + 10million. any help would be real appreciated.
  4. Re: toure deal thanks guys defintly gona accept now
  5. ok barcelona have just offered me 10M + pique for kolo toure. what should i do? i am a fan of pique and thought toure was awfull last season but still cant make my mind up. Any opinions would be welcome. cheers
  6. Re: essien deal? and would any one be able to give some advice on any other members of the squad i should consider selling
  7. Re: essien deal? its just the current real madrid squad untouched
  8. orite i just had my offer of raul + van nistlerooy accepted just wanted to see if people thought this is a smart deal. chears
  9. out of nasri or david silva who do people think is the most likely to rise? thanks
  10. thinking of making a bid for this guy of mica richards + 10million. worth it or not? thanks
  11. Re: iniesta do people think it would be worth countering for higuan + ribery?
  12. Re: iniesta sorry should hav been more clear i got iniesta
  13. Mahamadou DIARRA + higuain + 38M. deal worth doing i amnt to sure any help would be nice. cheers
  14. real madrid made an offer to me for tevez which i countered to afelly + marcelo + 20million which was accepted, starting to have second thoughts also made a bid of 5m + simao for gago but amnt to sure if this is a gd deal either. any advice on these deals would be great. thanks.
  15. bigrob92


    thinking of singning this guy but amn't to sure wheter he will rise or not. any help would be nice
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