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  1. i hav been offered ribery for robinho, im thinking this would be wise to accept but what do other people think? any advice is welcome
  2. looking to sign a new CF huntelaar and adebayor are my two best opptions but who do people think would hav the best to buy?(keeping in mind that huntelaar will probibly be a good 5million cheaper)
  3. Re: who to buy? i was looking for players that will be hitting a good 93+ by the end of the season
  4. i hav recently aquired 45million and am looking to sign a new striker and midfeilder, can any one suggest afew good players who i can get for ruffly this price? cheers
  5. Re: tevez deal ill ask around see who i can get for that price, thanks for help man
  6. i have been offered 45million + kroos for him should i accept?
  7. Re: good for tevez? checked around cant get sh*t for 35million i think ill reject. thanks for help guys
  8. i hav been offered 35million + kroos for tevez(who is one of my first team regulars) i dont know whether i should accept cause the guy that has made the offer has previously sold me rebiry and lahm for pretty cheap prices. any help would be very handy
  9. Re: good for rooney? i amnt to sure, the guy just offered that me, i was just checking to see if any one els would take that
  10. 30million + aguero is that a respectible fee for rooney or should i be expecting more?
  11. Re: hmmmmmm who to sign??????? remeber though people i am getting ramos in the deal so shouldnt he and wes brown be more than enough rb cover?
  12. Re: hmmmmmm who to sign??????? FOSTER, Ben VAN DER SAR, Edwin EVRA, Patrice GRAY, David SIMPSON, Danny BROWN, Wes NEVILLE, Gary CATHCART, Craig - VIDIC, Nemanja SILVESTRE, Mikael FERDINAND, Rio O'SHEA, John EAGLES, Chris HARGREAVES, Owen GIBSON, Darron ANDERSON, Luis SCHOLES, Paul RIBERY, Franck ROBINHO, Souza RONALDO, Cristiano CAMPBELL, Fraizer TEVEZ, Carlos ROONEY, Wayne MANUCHO , Gonçalves DONG , Fangzhuo just remember though that ronalo is going and sergio ramos is goin in instead
  13. in my man u team i have sold ronaldo for ramos + robinho, i hav signed rebery and have 40million left to make another signing, but cant decide who would be the best. any help would be greatly apreciated.
  14. in my man united team i an being offered sergio ramos + casillas for ronaldo, do people think this is a good deal? or should i try to get more out of the other guy?
  15. buying ribery for 27million + nani. is this a good price or should i try and get him for less. cheers
  16. Re: is this worth if for ronaldo? think ill go for it, means i hav a killer defence and ill then hav enough money to get alves or rebery. thanks for the help
  17. i am being offered robinho + sergio ramos + 20 million for ronaldo. is this a good deal?
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