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  1. Re: Complilation Of 90+ Rated Droppers (2009) What about Petrov
  2. Mehmet Aurelio (30y, 90 rating CM playing for Real Betis) is in my team as a sub, what do you think will he stay at this rating for the coming year or he is going down, shall I sell him now? I am trying to raise fund in purchasing Sissko from Juventus. Regards,
  3. seebnova


    I have been playing in SM since August, I thought this is time to say hi. I really enjoy playing this game. Regards, seebnova
  4. Re: Jamie Duff (MUST BUY) Can you upload the picture for him in the DB.
  5. Machester City clinch the English Shield after beating Bolton 2-1 in a contested match. Now they have 5 million more to spend.
  6. I noticed that Sorin http://www.soccermanager.com/player.php?pid=210468334has yet to have a club in real football, any info about him. Also, do you recomend getting rid of him? seebnova
  7. Re: Substitutions and Condition Has this issue got addressed... I am new to SM and I though substituting a player would save some of his fitness for next game...Now I stumbled across this thread...I wonder how many other newcomers to SM do not know about this. seebnova
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