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  1. Chances of Vidic dropping to 89 in the next update? He fell back in December so could he keep the 90 for now? He played in the majority of Inter matches according to transfermarkt
  2. Re: The New Players Thread Adrián MARÍN - Villareal, 17 years old, left back, already played 5 times for the first team this season, added recently. A great Pick up imo Not a new addition but Miguel Ibarra - Minnesota United FC becomes the first player from the modern NASL to be called into the Senior National Team. The 24-year-old was voted the NASL Player of the Month for September. He`s only 72 rated - a sure riser. Also Lucas BOYÉ of River Plate, recently added, getting regular game time - 18 years old Cheers
  3. Re: Something A Bit Different Arsenal please x DiscoBar
  4. Re: New Improvements This x100000000000000 The news feed is a vital part, im really annoyed this has been given such a minor part. PLEASE FIX THIS
  5. Re: New Improvements Ugh. Not happy, whilst it looks good, the news feed has been "relegated" to the bottom right hand side of the screen. This is a vital part of gameworlds, and my favorite part. It is now very hard to read and easy to miss things. Please fix this
  6. Re: Double D Hi there, Am really interested in taking over at Aston Villa, Have just completed my first season in SM in another world and would love to take over a club in a competitive, fair world which I have heard this is. Hoping I can be accepted Thanks DiscoBar
  7. Alright! Been playing SM for 3 months now, just completed my first season. Enjoyed it, hopefully much more to come. Tactics frustrate me at times but generally its all good. Have finally joined the forums rather than just lurking, thanks to the recommendation of Jkerrs I support West Ham Cheers DiscoBar
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