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  1. Re: World Champ 1 Chelsea have stated Henry will now be available on loan for current forumers if anyone is interested in the world class striker, make a loan bid. Scherer MAXWELL has hit out at Memic after he finally found out a bid for his services from Sao Paulo was rejected and has stated if he comes back from loan, he will not play in a Chelsea shirt. Maxwell stated that the management should have allowed him to join his fellow countrymen. Memic after this little outburst has said the lad will not play in a Chelsea shirt and will offload him to the highest bidder or use him in a player exchange With Miralem Pjanic whom is yet to play in a Man City shirt is Mr Memics number one target could we see a swap of Maxwell in return for the talented Bosnian, whom could learn a lot from a fellow countrymen Memic.
  2. Re: World Champ 1 hey guys sorry about they youth cup and pulling out just last couple of weeks was flat out
  3. Re: World Champ 1 Im guessing River Plate has pulled ot of the youth cup manager quit and i siad i didnt mind him playing sum over 21s lol but dont think he even played one lol so wat will happen with that now is River a bye like 3 points or not.
  4. Re: World Champ 1 Chelsea announce their youth cup Goalkeepers: Currently none 21 or under however Paraguayan 18 yr old Roberto Fernandez will be joining the blue to start as keeper: Defenders: EDUARDO RATINHO, Correia (85) INSUA, Emiliano (76) RAJKOVIC, Slobodan (84) DROST, Henrico (85) DRENTHE, Royston (88) Midfielders: DIEGO CAPEL, Trinidad (89) DE GUZMAN, Jonathan (90) NURI, Sahin (88) LANSBURY, Henri (72) NASRI, Samir (92) MAXI MORALEZ, Nicolás (88) KERLON, Moura (85) GOURCUFF, Yoann (87) ABORAH, Stanley (76) WALCOTT, Theo (88) BABEL, Ryan (89) Fowards: AYEW, Andre (82) DI SANTO, Franco (85) OKAKA CHUKA, Stefano (82)
  5. Re: First talent found by me : Felix Kroos stop being so childish they are telling you the truth and you are taking someones scoutnigs rights since ur pretending its your own list how can u put ronaldo and other established players, its an old list and people are telling you keep to your scouts and not steal others coz lieing gets you no where
  6. Re: World Champ 1 Chelsea look for fresh blood to revive the team after a very very poor season finishing in Fourth place. Memic has noticed Robinho's cry for a division one club and has made a very generous offer to Barca for the Winger. With chelsea looking to bolster up the midfield and defence. Another big star name may be the wish list of Mr Memic. Also Harry has made it his mission to sign youngster of Man city when his ban is over, and if hoping that Man city would consider Pablo Aimar for maybe Miralem Pjanic in a p/e. Memic feels confident his relationship with the manager of the division 2 team is great, after having some players gain valuable experience and helping City in their 2nd place finish in div 2
  7. Re: National fairplay chatroomers league So much for this rule also Chelsea accept 2nd deal offfered not mine again another rule broken None of the rules are being met
  8. Re: National fairplay chatroomers setup What is the point of calling it a fairplay setup when teams dont play their nationality i play against Real Madrid who plays obviously above my av rating and plays Rud Van Nistelrooy, Robinho, Snjider Diarra and etc Even you as the owner play more then one more non nationality player Messi and Abidal What is the point of playing when even the owner doesn't play by the rules neither do half the teams
  9. Re: Del Piero vs Trezequet Also stats man mean so little mate, del piero more goals/assists and everything. But maybe Treza has been better on field contributing other ways, thats why you cannot just purely base players on stats. If this were the case why on Earth is Borrielo only 90 rated, shouldn't he be up to same standard and Del Piero and Treza, especially when the kid plays for a much ter team, thus he needs more of his skill to get the results. Again like i said, havent watched much Serie A this season so i cannot make comments on who is better, but stats can mean nothing mate. As for Appearances in World cup and euro thats because Trezeguet is not liked by the French coach, as you see gets dropped afta a great season and etc. So playing time can't really be the biggest factor. Also goals last season, Jvue very lucky not the drop ratings, goals in Serie B doesnt really rate very high, lucky players stayed above the 90 mark tbh.
  10. Re: ScOuT'S Top 100 Hot Prospects! Oh kk thought he signed for them, but enourmous potential and not in top 100 plz But wat ive realised there are no French players or youngster from the French liga who are on the top 100. So by the list this is again just limited knowledge for certain leagues, and there is no evdience or anything to justify why everyone is placed in their positions, like why is such a player ranked what. Sorry mate not taking a swipe at you Scout but, lack of detail means you could have just put a list of players who's names youve heard more than others.
  11. Re: ScOuT'S Top 100 Hot Prospects! Well a player who has been forgotten has to be Miralem Pjanic this kid is a gem and has massive potential if you want i can find more info on him, but if he aint in the list he better be in the top 20 He shone in French league 1 for Metz showed something special and was snatched up by Lyon this summer. However the kid was also asked to join the French national side, however move was rejected as he opted to play for Bosnia and hercegovina.
  12. Re: New chatroomers setup Hey mate im interested in joinin the setup is it random clubs or do we pick if pick id like maybe Fiorentina but ye dont mind either way cheers
  13. Re: Which player(s) will shine at Euro 2008 and earn an increase? Russia will win the Euro 2008 you just watch scrap through Group stages and will win If they dont win i would be all my money on either Croatia, Austria or Russia
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