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  1. Bit harsh on Dave considering he was benched.
  2. Wanyama or Angel Correa and Harit? None are starters.
  3. Walker and Alisson and Mor for Courtois. Carvjhal is my current rb and alisson is my no 1. Not really pushed on mor as I've tons of youth. Thanks.
  4. Do you think Scarpa, Verissimo, Maycon and Alison are worth holding on to or might get moves to European teams?
  5. Have both Rico and Areola, need to sell one with concerns. Who should I keep? Thanks in advance the Help with Deals thread is a bit barren,
  6. Great list, appreciate the updates. I think Luiz Araujo has been sold to Lille which explains the lack of reported mins.
  7. Stones and luan(gremio) for Kyle walker?
  8. Bale or mkhitarian, stones and rashford
  9. Stones for Casemiro and Ferri? I have Stones
  10. He is pointing out that the player in question is getting minutes at a decent level and is linked to a few top clubs. He is also not on the DB yet so its just giving people a heads up he might be worth picking up.
  11. Gundogan or Benzema? I have Benzema. I know he is in trouble at the moment but is the rating gap too big?
  12. Is it worth holding on to the following: Gustavo Scarpa Euler Alisson Mayke Arao Rodrigo Ramos Jorge-Flamengo Neto Zeca Barbosa Moises Also just picked up Maycon. Is he any good? Thanks for any replies
  13. Are you having a laugh???? Jog on. If I corrected everyone for calling Manchester United F.C. Man U or Man Utd, I would be all day. If you do not have an answer to my question do not comment. No wonder this forum is dying out.
  14. Sporting Lisbon, I presume the B team
  15. Dont know if anyone responds on this thread anymore. Was wondering does anyone know anything or have updates on these players Pedro Delado Inter Rafael Barbosa Lisbon Gil Dias Monaco Ivo Rodrigues Porto Diogo Jota Helder Costa Janio Bikel Thanks in advance
  16. Is Carlos Carvalho of Mineiro worth signing? Thanks for any replies.
  17. Id go for the Russian, have him myself in my main GW. Zenit are sniffing around and he has already been capped. Murru went backwards last season and has loads of competition club and country
  18. Cavani for Mata, cherysev and 15 mill?
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