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  1. Yeah, Spain is in that term much stronger than Croatia; but that will soon turn the other way around haha! Jk ( or not ). Anyways, I also wanted to add that the point is; there are still nationalities much more stronger than the other ones, and I know that the Language setting settles it, but the initial idea you had, Jason, about only being allowed to buy players up to certain rating, and then after season one ends, increasing it by 5 or so, that actually seemed cool. Although I understand that the drawback of it is, that all of the squads would be pretty much the same strenght, so the game
  2. The reason why there are 2 clubs per nationality is the following ( I think ): You never know when will other nationalities change in terms of football. For example, if Spain has 3 clubs, and Croatia 2, what if some day in near future, Croatia develops as one of the leading countries in football, and talents keep bursting out, with players equal in strenght to Spain. 2 clubs would pick up the star players for themselves, and Spanish would have to keep battling over their prospects and share the star players across 3 clubs ( 25/30 cap difference is big ). Or if Spanish football degrades, and t
  3. Here's a suggestion; If a player turns 24 during the second half of the season or at the very end of the current season, you can have him as the 6th 24 y/o player for the next season ( or half of the next season ), but only one player aged 24 can be allowed in that case? If he turns 24 at the start of the next season or in the first half of the next season, SELL HIM! Ye, no?
  4. Joined Brookfield PL! Again, thanks everyone for recommendations, I might be joining your GWs later, who knows!
  5. Thank you everyone for recommendations, I'll check them all out and let you know which one (or ones) I'll be joining!
  6. Hey guys, I'm here asking if there is any wildly populated, active, competitive and organized GWs such as, for example, Top 100, or even Fantasy Football League II by 'matt72' as I find it very interesting and cool. I'm tired of competing in GWs where from 20 players, 10 of them use NNMMNO (normal normal mixed mixed normal ownhalf) tactics, it's annoying IMO, as sometimes they actually get away with it ( 2 shots 2 goals, against mine 23 shots 11 on target 2 goals ), but that's however a rare case ( still annoying as hell ). I started playing again 6 months ago, and while I'm doing great in t
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