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  1. Yeah, Spain is in that term much stronger than Croatia; but that will soon turn the other way around haha! Jk ( or not ). ;)

    Anyways, I also wanted to add that the point is; there are still nationalities much more stronger than the other ones, and I know that the Language setting settles it, but the initial idea you had, Jason, about only being allowed to buy players up to certain rating, and then after season one ends, increasing it by 5 or so, that actually seemed cool. Although I understand that the drawback of it is, that all of the squads would be pretty much the same strenght, so the gameplay experience would be somewhat poor. Still, a good concept it was, nonetheless.

  2. The reason why there are 2 clubs per nationality is the following ( I think ):

    You never know when will other nationalities change in terms of football. For example, if Spain has 3 clubs, and Croatia 2, what if some day in near future, Croatia develops as one of the leading countries in football, and talents keep bursting out, with players equal in strenght to Spain. 2 clubs would pick up the star players for themselves, and Spanish would have to keep battling over their prospects and share the star players across 3 clubs ( 25/30 cap difference is big ). Or if Spanish football degrades, and there are 3 clubs fighting for left overs.

    It's best to keep the equal number of clubs per nationality, be it 2, or 3.

  3. Hey guys,

    I'm here asking if there is any wildly populated, active, competitive and organized GWs such as, for example, Top 100, or even Fantasy Football League II by 'matt72' as I find it very interesting and cool.

    I'm tired of competing in GWs where from 20 players, 10 of them use NNMMNO (normal normal mixed mixed normal ownhalf) tactics, it's annoying IMO, as sometimes they actually get away with it ( 2 shots 2 goals, against mine 23 shots 11 on target 2 goals ), but that's however a rare case ( still annoying as hell ). I started playing again 6 months ago, and while I'm doing great in those worlds, y'know, trophies are coming in and I'm toping the History rankings as #1, it's just not enough...

    So, after one year of absence, I've came back to the game and for the first time I'm here on forums. When I first started the game, I was pure newbie and was using the NNMMNO tactics myself, not knowing what I'm doing lol. I was hopping from club to club after 1 or 5 matches played, and I'm not proud of it, it's looking ugly in my clubs history. I have 3 clubs that I've lead in more than 100 games in that time though, all of which are Barcelona ( my favourite club ), but still, avg ratio wasn't looking awe because of all those clubs aside. I'm now in charge of 6 clubs ( which is my limit anyway ), and my lowest avg points ratio is 2.81, which is actually highest in that particulare GW lol, but despite that, I'm third in the history ranking list in that GW. In other 2 "new" world champs I'm on top. It's season 2 now in all 3 of those, and people are leaving, it's soon going to be nothing but dust... 2 of other GWs are the ones where I took free clubs that were in 4-5 seasons, and the last one is now in season 22 lol. But it's empty and not exciting at all.

    I know, I'm boring with all this talk and complaints, and even a little bit of bragging as well, but that's just to prove how dedicated I am lol. But, I know that's nothing compared to any regular on this forum. My reputation isn't really high as well, or I atleast think so. My profile avg pts ratio is 2.71 ( again because of those side clubs that I led in 1 to 5 games ), and the reputation is 202 SM Deity.

    So, is there anyone out there with an active, wildly populated, competitive and organized GW that would take someone like me ?

    NOTE: I've searched dozen topics already, and those that I think are appealing, are already full. Also, I'm looking for an already populated GW, so please don't reply with - "Hey there is 3 of us in this GW but it's very competitive and soon there will be many of us" -, as in most cases, it stays on that number of managers, while also running on season 3...

    Unless of course, it's new and made by someone that is active and known on this forum, like ( as I've seen ) Cam, Matt, Tranmere, 87+, etc...

    Also, I wouldn't mind a weak team, on contrary, it would present a challenge to me.

    I'm sorry if I sound arrogant or anything like that, I'm just trying to be as precise as I can.

    Cheers! :D

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