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  1. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions too soon imo if he continues with his current form he might get it in may / june
  2. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc... I know some teams were unmanaged, but I counted 8 teams who were over the 25 player squad limit. 8 teams were not unmanaged. Please be more careful with your transfers. -------------------------------------------------- in other news, some crazy tranfers for Tottenham. fans were horrified when we sold the leader, and much beloved striker Tevez, for 15mil + the promising Karim Rekik. We promised a good replacement, went for for Zlatan, but a mix up by our secretary saw the papers go to bayern instead, and somehow we bid on Robben, instead of Zlatan. But Robben wasnt eligible, and by the time we realized, Zlatan was on his way to new york city fc. the fans were disappointed. Meanwhile, we scouted and found a hugely promising young defensive midfielder from River Plater. Kranevitter. However we barely lost out on him to Leeds. ---------------------------------------------------------------- We decide to take a new route, and sign a defender. Miranda gladly joins the team, an instant improvement to our defense. We also bring in a talented young brazilian, felipe gedoz for a cheap price, a surprisingly uncontested transfer, for such a player. He'll give us depth and impact off the bench. He'll also get his opportunities to start no doubt as well. (Meanwhile, we had also sold our LB, Gunter, Box to box adventuring midfielder Mario pasalic and that german guy with a very unpronounceable and spell-able name.) At some point in all this drama, we had an excess of 40 mil to spend. So much money yet no one to spend it on. I personally went through the bother of pestering and bothering many managers about a striker. Finally New York City agreed to sell me one of my personal favourite young players, Batshuayi for a round fee for 7.0 mil. I had the cash, so I gladly agreed. ------------------------------------------------------------ Trying to work out deals for Sterling trying to work out deals for Hakan calhanoglu / barbosa gabriel aka GABIGOL / milik / dybala and a few more guys also unsuccessful. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- we can't decide whether to buy terry and make a formidable defensive line or motta, and have a solid midfield to try to dominate possession. We bid on terry, Espanyol jumps in to contend. We instead opt for Motta, whom we get uncontested. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Still have 1 space left to fill the squad, looking for quality depth. I remember spotting another 85 rated winger when i scouted gedoz. Ricardo Horta, he seems decent. Do a bit of research, not much to be found on him like the other players. but i decide it's worth a gamble. Derby comes in to ruin it, and I believe he may have stolen him now. Dammit Derby. So that's about it for us right now. We'll probably be looking a solid 84+ Striker / Winger / Defensive mid if you're selling anyone shoot me a message and I'll tell you if im interested. I can't wait to see Motta/Sterling/Barkley in action. Looking forward to playing that other midfield trio of Draxler/Calhanoglu and Rakitic. -------------------------------------------------------- Perhaps we won't collapse down the stretch this time and win the D2 title as well as automatic promotion. This was weird for me, my teams are usually better down the end stretch of the season as i try to find a winning formula in the first 8-12 games. This past 2 months has been my worst in my 2 years in this game, results wise. All my teams have been consistently dropping points. I'll find something else, soon enough.
  3. Re: ||Deal With It|| - Coming this May! This sounds interesting i wonder if anyone will take me serious on this account lol, I'll find my other account password soon. put me down as interested though. Maybe i can blow 1st place to pedro again. put me down
  4. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion hakan calhanoglu - 89 should he rise again soon? he's been playing well. and is Farfan's rating safe? also what about: Tin Jedvaj Meier Kiessling
  5. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc... lol so i havent been able to check the forums for a while, and i was just told about this. this is my 1st account, i dunno how i ended up finding this password but i cant remember the password for barcakes1 anyway, woo, let's got tottenham hotspurs !
  6. I would usually employ a 4-3-3 wingers for my teams, and use a defensive 4-2-3-1 to grind out results in tough games with success. These tactics no longer seem to work for me though. Last season I finished 2nd, and won the Domestic Cup in a particular GW. This season I'm in 7th place, was knocked out of the cup 2nd round. I recently tried 3-5-2 with some of my other teams, and i won the league with bayern using variations of 3-5-2. The above tactics, which I had always beaten 3-5-2 with, I now easily win with 3-5-2. The squad I have that i mentioned earlier isn't suited for 3-5-2 though, any suggestions, tactics that you have used with success, besides these 3 mentioned? I've had decent but inconsistent results with 4-3-1-2, 4-4-2 diamond and 3-2-2-2-1 as well.
  7. Re: The Dirty Dozen we are full =)
  8. Re: The Dirty Dozen City or Atletico
  9. Re: How to counter 3-4-3..... would help to have a general idea of the players you have. I rotate between 4-3-3 wingers, 4-2-3-1, and 3-5-2 as i see fit for the match. If you want to dominate possession, and squeeze a 1-0 win, you can also try 4-5-1 defensive. I also always use a fast tempo with pressing all over. But i found Normal works too, and own half pressing can be just as effective. Not a fan of slow, but it can work depending on your play style. vs. unmanaged teams, i find 4-3-3W and 3-5-2 to be the best tactics. There's 2 ways you can use the 4-3-3 wingers. If your attacking mids/fwds are the sides are good, use attacking down the wings, and make one of them the 'playmaker'. your center forward would be the target man. Instructions: Men Behind Ball/Counter Attack (optional), tight marking, use target man. Inside diagonal arrows on both wingers. Optional, arrows on 1 or both of your central mids. Could put attacking arrows on your LB and RB if you wish as well. ______________ 4-3-3W, similar as above, but attacking style mixed, one of the centre mids, play maker, (more creative player, for example, Willian/Hazard = Hazard, or whoever is the better midfielder by your judgement). Centre Forward target man. Tight marking use playmaker use target man men behind ball (optional) ________________________________________ 3-5-2, choose best mid and best fwd, = play maker and target man. Tight Marking Men Behind Ball Counter Attack Play offside (optional) - better for 93+ average rated teams same tempo/pressing - fast/all over - or normal/own half _________________________ 3-5-2 same as the 2nd option for 4-3-3 W. I have some other variations, but this is what i usually use, and what works for me. Recently, 4-2-3-1 hasn't been as effective, so i didnt include that. Obviously, this works well for me, but it might not for you, so no guarantees, but try it if you like, and tinker around yourself with some tactics in friendlies/connect game worlds etc, and find what works for your squad.
  10. hi, i'm new to the forum, been playing the game for about 7-10 months now. Interested in seeing other manager's take in the tactical part of the game, also looking for some nice game worlds. You'll see me around hopefully =)
  11. Re: Anyone in interested in new standard game world? South Africa, and I would be Platinum Stars =)
  12. Re: → New Custom Game World ← I would rather a European Ship, with 2 divisions. But a world championship with one could work too. I'm not a big fan of huge leagues, as those don't have enough managers to be competitive. also, i call dibs on Southhampton or Liverpool =)
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