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  1. After much discontent by all the active managers in EC1, we would like the log-in time reduced to 14 days. The game world is clogged with inactive managers that log-in only once every 31 days and never get involved with transfers. We feel that this would get some of the massive waiting list of managers that want to get in this set-up a chance and improve the games world at the same time.
  2. CONGRATULATIONS HERBY! Well done mate on becoming EC1 Champions. 10 years ago you started to make your name by getting Swinton Town promoted from Division 4 way back in Season 3...now Sheffield United are THE team of EC1. The signing of Manuel Neuer last year from Carlisle United was the best piece of business in EC1's history I think
  3. Per Ciljan Skjelbred was sold by Bolton on the 9th July 2015 to Hertha Berlin for 4.9m. Before he was sold Skjelbred was Bolton's longest serving player having signed from Rosenborg BK on 25th June 2008 for 2m. Skjelbred scored 20 goals in 123 appearances. And had clocked up 85 international appearances for Norway. [ATTACH=CONFIG]n5109578[/ATTACH]
  4. It's been a while... since I last posted on this forum. A few old managers departed and some new faces in. BOLTON WANDERERS are looking again like upper mid-table at the end of the season. I have to say Sheffield United look frightening on paper with the players they have got. Hull City staking their claim as they have done for many seasons at the top. Anyways guys Take care...so busy with work but I will try and post more - Best Wishes Dave :-)
  5. Re: English Championship 1 Blades dulled by battling Bolton Bolton began season 25 with a blistering start with a 2-1 victory over red-hot favourites Sheffield United! Bolton have won 7 and lost 1 in the last 8 encounteres between thses two side's and are definately Sheffield United's bogey side! Uruguay interenational Martín Cáceres was gigantic at the back and his commanding preformance earned him the Man of the Match award. There is a long way to go until the final match when they travel to Barnesley on June 17th. After promotion as Champions from Division 2 in Season 21 Bolton aim to still be in Division 1 when their 4th consecutive Division 1 campaign comes to a close. Bolton did not do a lot of business in the transfer window during close season with only talented prospect Viktor Fischer arriving from Millwall with Magnus Eikrem departing for Malmö FF
  6. Re: English Championship 1 Hiya mate. The Chances of getting a club in EC1 is very small. Few seem to quit but when they do the manager who offers the club usually arranges it so that one of their friends gets to take the club (if they do not want the offered club)...or if they don't log on for 5 days it's usually a random player that just happened to log on at the right time.
  7. Re: English Championship 1 Good Luck Caleb...in the future in all that you do mate. I think a lot of veterans seem to be losing interest in EC1, tbh outside of Division 1 quite frankly sucks, so many inactive managers it is unreal.
  8. Re: English Championship 1 What happened there John?
  9. Re: English Championship 1 I thought this was brilliant! https://vine.co/v/M3H1B5KhduZ If you watched that and did'nt smile yer a miserable sod!
  10. Re: English Championship 1 Bolton Smash club transfer record! Bolton have smashed the clubs transfer record that has stood for over 6 years. The signing of Italy international Dani Osvaldo for 21m from Reading beats the old club transfer record by 1m. On 10 July 2008 Bolton paid Portsmouth 20m for the services of Andrey Arshavin. Alessandro Matri, who currently holds the club record at Bolton for scoring the most goals in a season 21, (a record that was previously held by Hernan Crespo on 20)...heads out of the club for 10m...destination - Darlington 1883. Osvaldo will make his debut for Bolton in the SMFA Shield Quarter Final Leg 2, where Bolton hope to see off Sporting CP and claim a place in the semi-final.
  11. Re: English Championship 1 You are welcome mate...always good to welcome a new manager and it sounds as though you will be putting effort into Hull City. One last question...I was not aware that you can send a club you own to another account...how do you do that then? :-)
  12. Re: English Championship 1 Greetings Marcos and welcome to EC1! However I am a little confused. If Chilli gave Marcos his account. Who changed the name to Dr Test? Then Dr Test gets removed by the SMFA from EC1 yet Marcos is still the manager...but now with his own account? Also Dr Test has'nt left the game as he is managing Wolverhampton Wanderers in EC 268 and has been since 2008. Anyone want to clear this up?
  13. Re: English Championship 1 Looks like Bolton have secured another season in Division 1! A few suprises though...looks like Messi will be playing his football in Division 2 next season. Meanwhile in Brazil, things get from bad to worse!; https://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/video/brazilian-players-charge-ref-chaotic-062743255.html Maybe I should change my signature! LOL
  14. Re: English Championship 1 Just logged in and found another 12 messages asking if any clubs are available in EC1. Anybody wanting a club should contact the Devs and ask for a Division 5 to be added next season and for the log-in time to be reduced to 7 days. The number of managers logging in once per month is starting to get beyond a joke.
  15. Re: English Championship 1 Looks like I was wrong; Bolton 3 Sheff U 1
  16. Re: English Championship 1 hehe cheers mate. Well point is if there is more than one voice then there is more chance of things happening. I do think that the log in time will be shortened very soon to be honest. It needs too!
  17. Re: English Championship 1 Well you be suprised buddy :-) I do know the Devs personally' date=' one is an long time drinking buddy and I have been speaking to him about a division 5 :-) If we all decide we are wasting our time nothing will get done :-) The log in time for sure needs to change firstly...as the managers who just have a club for the sake of it are ruining EC1. I would like some of those guys who are wating in the wings to have a chance. EC1 clubs are like gold dust.[/color']
  18. Re: English Championship 1 Greetings ya'all! Not posted or logged onto the forum for a bit (working away from home etc). I am greeted by no less than 14 private messages from people asking me to let them know when a club will become available. I do feel for these people...especially when we have quite afew managers that really cannot be ar**d and log in once a month only so that they don't loose their club...which I really cannot see the point in that! I have been bending the Dev teams ear asking for... 1. Minimise the log-in time to 14 days in EC1. Some would complain that they may go on holiday so cannot log-in for 14 days...solution buy a Gold membership so you have holiday mode option. An annual Gold membership costs less than an English tenner...so it's peanuts to buy! This would get managers in who actually want to manage and would freshen up a very stale transfer market. 2. Add a Division 5 to EC1 (effectively the none-league) opens 20 spaces for new managers. Give each club 30 million to start with so they can get off to a good start and build there squads so they can compete. 3. I would like to see a minimum rating of 200 to get in EC1 (for NEW joining managers)...yes there are managers that have less than this in EC1 but they are already in so we can't just kick them out. Well just a few things I have suggested to the Devs...but hey! I am only one voice...if more of you in EC1 (or wanting to join EC1) message them...we have more of a chance of making things happen. Dave
  19. Re: English Championship 1 Bolton burst the bank! Bolton have dug deep into their vaults to bring Uruguay international Martín Cáceres to the club. The defender arrives from italian giants, Juventus...for just over 15 million. Dave Leigh said; "We have not spent much over the years but we did need to strengthen to build on our successful season 22. A few eyebrows where raised when we brought Fernando Torres in...and no doubt those same eyebrows where raised in regard to what we paid for Martín Cáceres. However I think that both these players give us a great chance of success this term. Bolton also completed a less dramatic transfer with another italian club on the same day, as they brought in Federico Macheda from UC AlbinoLeffe.
  20. Re: English Championship 1 Here we go again...Season 23 is here! That is the song that used to echoes around the old Burnden Park terraces when I used to watch Bolton in the early 70's. Demolised in 1997...now we have The Reebok Stadium. May I wish all managers much success in the new season!
  21. Re: English Championship 1 Hello guys... thank you for the feedback. I will be doing another one when Season 23 gets underway. I have noticed a few imbalances. Of the two EC1 Representatives. Bolton play Boca Juniors from Latin American Championship 205 (away) Peterborough play Manchester United from English Championship Mini 3018 (away) Both the managers of these teams have less that a 90 rep...and these two teams have a stack of 94-96 rated players. I think the next one will demand a manager rating of at least 300 . This is a pilot...so we will see what happens. Herb ...I hope your Dad is ok my friend and all is well with him very soon.
  22. Re: English Championship 1 http://www.soccermanager.com/x-gameworld.php Type in; EC1 Cha In the game world name search box EC1 Challenge the Rest World Cup will appear below the box in blue...click that...the click apply...your in! only a few spaces left...this filled up fast!
  23. Re: English Championship 1 Now 40 spaces taken So far only myself and Mister Malcolm flying the flag for EC1 Where is Ec1's top manager when you need him? lol
  24. Re: English Championship 1 31 spaces taken 33 left Connect Game World ID - 33001
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