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  1. Hi can I ask what the lowest rated team in Soccermanager? Thanks
  2. I don't want one of my clubs in the connect game world, how do I leave?
  3. Re: Need to mass delete my old accounts
  4. Re: Need to mass delete my old accounts Anyone? Can I atleast have the emails, I know the passwords.
  5. Re: Need to mass delete my old accounts Is there any mod I can communicate to solve this issue?
  6. Hi soccermanager, I have around 8 acounts which I never logged into for around 3 years clogging up your system and it says last online this long ago etc. I also made two this year. Bad thing I forget the email . Please help me and delete these account I will send you a message regarding as much details as i can about the accounts. I also have new accounts which I don't have access to as I have deleted my emails, so can I request you mass delete all the user under my account, my name is quite a rare one, i remember registering all the accounts expect for one which I know isn't one I have not registered, so please SM Mod, some contact me, I will give you the details. Thanks Reason why I want to delete them is that they have different teams, my birth date, and I can't remember the emails, if I did I delete them myself cause I know about all of there passwords, but otherwise it's just clogging up the system
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Kambarov for Boenisch?
  8. Hi guys I want to make a suggestion, I'm a neutral but I like my home club which is a semi proffesional club in the Isthmian League 2, and was wondering what would your opinions be on adding Semi-Pro clubs, we don't have to add them to English Championship but we could add them to our own leagues if we made them, I understand that getting hold of information on players would be difficult etc, but I was wondering how would you feel about this change
  9. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread The Gold Championships are created every day, is as competitive as it was before? If not I will wait until GC 500 to get membership
  10. Re: Can we bring newspaper back? Thanks, I used to love the old soccermanager, full up gameworlds, realistic prices for players, good old days
  11. Re: Bale to 94 *** I understand the anger towards change, but he's teared teams apart, who know's if he keep playing like he did at Real Madrid he could go higher
  12. Re: Can we bring newspaper back? A while back round December time I think
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