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  1. Riferimento: Counter formations Hello guys Saturday i have an important match against my rival for the 2nd place in our championship. I normally play with 3-5-2 with counter attack and using playmaker. Tackle hard, passing direct, fast tempo, attacking mentality, mixed attacking style and pressing all over. Average rating 90 and i will play home. My opposing play with 3-2-2-2-1 with average rating 92, in last match he used these tacticts: tackle hard, attacking mentality, short passing, mixed atttacking style, fast tempo and all over pressing; with ticks in all of 6 slot. He have by far the second best team in the league but i don't wanna give up, any kind of help is appreciated, thanks guys
  2. Hello I would play with 4-3-3 wingers vs managed clubs, someone have advices for this kind of formation? I mean passing style, tempo, and others. Also, any arrow needed on winger? or maybe on midfielders. Thank you for your time
  3. Hi guys, i think title explain all, so would be a good deal for me? i have Salah. They are both young and talented players in great clubs, thanks in advance.
  4. Riferimento: Re: Pogba or Wilshere
  5. Riferimento: Counter formations Hi guys, i have some problem with 4-3-2-1 formation, with my same rating level , 94, i get trashed every time.. any tip to counter that formation? because in my league 3/4 uses 4-3-2-1 so i'm pretty stuck on this
  6. Hey guys, wich striker is better? Diego is younger but Mario play in a better club for now, so who would you chose? and why? thanks
  7. Riferimento: Thiago Alcantara or Paul Pogba If you can , take both. I wouldn't go for Vidal, Pogba is really better by far and now he is cheaper. Next years he probabily will transfer to psg or other top club and is already a regular for French team and i'm sure he will be preciuos in this world cup. Thiago is the Guradiola's favourite so i think he will be a regular for Bayern, Spain have all great offensive midfielders but he has talent so im pretty sure he will play some match in World Cup
  8. Hello guys, i need an offensive winger and i can get Mertens in my championship.Do you think he will have chances to raise +1 for the end of season? actually is doing great in serie A, and i think he will be a regular of Belgium in this World Cup, with Hazard on wings. So 10 mln is worth it? i can get also Callejon but seems he wont have much chance for the wc, but he is also doing awsome in Napoli. Thank you in advance
  9. Hello guys I have to sell one or maybe two of them in order to buy Verratti, considering that i have already pogba in midfield and i wont sell him. Do you have any tip for me? maybe with your personal ranking about who to sell first, second and tirth. Thanks in advance and sry for bad english
  10. Riferimento: Re: Counter formations For me definitely 3-5-2, is also great vs 3-4-3
  11. Riferimento: Wich striker would you buy? Thank you all!! really cleare and exhaustive!! so i will go for Diego Costa since he is free thank for your time guys
  12. Riferimento: Wich striker would you buy? Thanks all guys, i will go for Suarez and try for Reus. If i can ask, is Diego Costa a better player than Sturridge? i mean in sm world. In real the english is doing great with liverpool and i think he can rise for +1. But i'm pretty noob on this game so i trust in you guys
  13. Hi guys, im pretty sure i will sell dzeko for 22 mln, who i can buy to replace him? Good strikers in my championship are: Suarez, Sanchez and Reus ( hard to get ) and Jackson Martinez, Negredo, Diego Costa, Torres, Sturridge, Damiao, Remy Thanks for help
  14. Riferimento: Retired/Older Player ratings at their peak... One name, Dennis Bergkamp, Dutch Maestro
  15. Hi guys, i need a good CB, possibily a young one who can rise in the next future. My choices are, considering that Maqruinhos my fisrt choice is already in a team: Matheus Doria and Matthias Ginter. I can sign only one, who would you take? and why? in my champ. Doria's value is 9.9, while Ginter 7. Can they maybe reach 90+ in future? thanks all
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