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  1. I have a chance to trade one of my two CMs(Rabiot and Milinkovic Savic) for Sule. Should I get him,and if so which player should I let go.
  2. Toby Alderweireld Javi Martinez Sule What do you think about these players.Any chance of rise for them in future.
  3. Opinions on Guilherme Pedro(Fluminense).Potenial?Any rise in near future?
  4. Brandt+Kolasinac+A.Ayew or Oblak? My reserve GK is Allison.Both Brandt and Kolasinac will be first team.
  5. Hector,Kolasinac,Mendy or Alonso? All of them same price.
  6. Waterhouse starting XI: J.Cesar Srna-Jagielka-Melo-Evra Tiago-Motta Ribery-Downing-Kuyt Ibrahimovic
  7. New season has started and still in the new game worlds there is Aston Villa,Newcastle in Division 1,and in all other league. I would like to know when you re going to update it. Its annoying
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