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  1. Re: Alba for Lamela +£15M OOPS sorry! My answer would probably change then. The added 15 million makes it a good deal imo. However, it really depends on your squad's overall depth. Do you need an extra midfielder? Do you need Alba for that spot in the defense? Or is he the only replacement if your first choice is injured?
  2. Hi all, I took charge of a struggling club last season in Division 2. Managed to steer it to Division 1 in second season but haven't really had a good season this time round. This team had really low funds but I managed to pick out free agents for cheap and sold squad surplus. Advice? http://prntscr.com/1rzpo5 http://prntscr.com/1rzppm http://prntscr.com/1rzpr6 pretty proud of my team tho, literally all my players rated 88 and above were bought during my charge for super cheap! 2.1 million left in the bank
  3. Re: Help with ronaldo deal keep ronaldo.
  4. Re: Lewandoski or Muller? Muller. But honestly, why are you selling one great forward for another superb forward?
  5. Re: Would Diego Milito drop? Definitely.
  6. Re: My Alba or his Alaba?! Alaba. Bought him at 78 3 years ago, now he's 92
  7. Re: Bale offer Isco and Varane are both exciting young prospects..Keep them!
  8. Re: Bale or Ribery? Same as some others below me, Bale because of his age. Still has potential to rise
  9. Re: Mata for Suarez This is tough, since both players haven't been seeing much action recently. I wouldn't do the trade though, don't really like Suarez and Sturridge has been in too good form of late. Suarez won't be breaking into the starting line-up immediately and that's probably going to cost him a rating point. And SM has a habit of lowering ratings if the player hasn't really played much.
  10. Re: Alba for Lamela +£15M No. Alaba is still on his way to the top. I bought him in 2010 when he was still 78 and his value has multiplied 26x from 1.1 million to 26million. Good to keep and Lamela might not do very well at Tottenham now since there's a lot of competition.
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