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  1. Re: Agogo The Agogo im talking about is 23. May be you are talking about a different player
  2. The Ghanian striker joined Zamalek where he will play regularly, and bang a lot of goals. he is destined to have a good season and may be move to a European team next season. so keep an eye on him if you find that his ratig is improving as the season progresses get him as he is someone on the up. he is rated at 83
  3. Re: Amr Zaki I dont want to go into an argument here, but its not just about the league. Its his international career as well. The difference between Zaki and young is the initial rating. Zaki starts with 87 (he is up 4 points just because he joined wigan). plus scoring 10+ goals for a team fighting against relegation is an acheivement unlike doing so for a team that came ffth or sixth. I mentioned some of the acheivements that will supplement to his increase in rating. plus why do we need to argue, we just have to wait ad see.
  4. Re: Amr Zaki wooops!!! of coarse debut season. I had a typo and erased the sentence, when I wrote again I forgot to type it agian. It got your attention though didnt it? cheers
  5. it is surprising noone mentioned him. -he has 1 goal every 2 games ratio for his national team. -he was the african cup of nations joint goal scorer of the tournament. -is currently listed as the best striker in the world on the fifa website. -jut joined Wigan where he will play regularly. he is already 87, and if he manages to get more than 10 PL goals on his debut (very likely) he'll definetly be at 90. he is worth only 5.5 all the signs show that this guy will prove to be one of THE bargains of the game in a few months time
  6. Is an Egyptian attacking midfielde who can also plays on the wings. He curently plays for al zamalek. He is 22 years old, he played for PAOK when he was 18. his manager said at the time "we have great repect for Olympiakos they have a great player in Rivaldo. But we also have shikabala" he is listed with PAOK but he is leaving to al Zamalek where he will make more success. he is rated at 85 but I certainly expect it to increase when he joins Zamalek. here is a clip of him; copy and paste it in an internet explorer.
  7. an Egyptian goalkeeper (25 years old) who curently plays for feyenoord. was named goalkeeper of the tournamet for the U-21 worldcup that was held in Emirates. with De cler already 36, it seems that Ekramy will claim the no 1 goalkeeper until mulder (an 18 y old promising gk) matures a bit. This means that we should see his ratings improve to 87-89. and may be even more if he performs well
  8. Re: Chermiti its my apologies mate. I searched and I did not find anything for him in the player scout (or thats what I thought)
  9. was mentioned in players ratings and not in the scout. A 20 year old Tunisian who plays for etoil. Is renowned for his amazing skill and goal scoring ability. In the final of the African Champions league his team drew 1-1 with Al-Ahly (who were olders of the comp for three years running). His team had to go to Egypt and beat a team that hasn't lost in 4 years:eek: and thanks to Chermiti thats what happened. the player scored 3 goals in the final which ended 3-1.
  10. Is an Egyptian striker (21 years old). who started out in Al-ahly youth team where he scored an incredible 60 goals in his ast season with them before moving to al-Zamalek who sold there star striker Amr Zaki to wigan. This leaves a spot open for Sherif to claim a regular place in the team. his rating is now 82, It should easily go 85-89 range as the season progresses.
  11. Re: Andrea Russotto yep, thats where he were. thanks mate
  12. Re: Andrea Russotto I haveknow about andrea for some time. but I cant find him in the game. has anyone had any luck? I trued to look in Napoli as well as search for him with no luck
  13. Re: hello Thank you lads. I will have a look around different topics and hopefully I'll be as helpful to you as you were helpful to me. cheers
  14. hey I am lordelm3lmeen. I just joined soccermanager for the opportunity to test myself as well as meet fellow manager wanna be enthusiats. so here you go. looking forward to meet you guys
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