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  1. How do you create a player ? Scott Pollock who used to be at hashtag UTD now at Northampton Town is a beast and I need him created !
  2. Championship getting reviewed end of season, expect him to hit 83-85
  3. There are older players... one guy in China in his 50’s
  4. Just bid on a few of these for my port vale team approaching second season, when do you expect this to happen?
  5. Change the price asked to a lower fee and also check you have enough squad players to lose the ones your selling (minimum of 21) that’s what normally slows mine down
  6. You wait roughly 12 hours for acceptance and then in 24 hours and it will be done
  7. Old interface was better, I always go back to old one
  8. Cheers for confirming mate, is it their normal value?
  9. Thats why I stay away from 'big teams', the cheaters take over
  10. Ah that sucks, I no a few years ago you got a little sum for them but wasn't sure if it was still the same, happy to lose the 90k for Drogba but Wabara is 26 years old and retiring I may just add Maicon to my transfer list of ageing veterans Hleb and Fabianho then lol. Xavi and Carvalho are too good to lose in this league for the money I will get so they get to stay. Thanks mate!
  11. Hi, i'm manager of Port Vale and we just won every game in division 5 and are now being promoted to division 4. I received a nice little bank balance for going up. My question is from my squad I have a few players set to retire imminently. Reece Wabara (who I thought at 26 was a safe buy) and the famous Drogba- together the amount to just under 500k which for a club my size is alot of money. Will I receive a compensation package for these 2 guys leaving? Or do I just need to accept its money lost. Current squad GK: Nick Pope, Daniel Grimshaw, Mason Springthorpe LB: Ashley
  12. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Hahaha I second that idea !
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