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  1. Re: Top 100 Can I join this league too?
  2. Re: True World League 16 teams = 30 Games by season...
  3. Re: True World League Great Game World!!!! I picked up the worst rating team in division 4 - Tokyo Verdy (76 at the moment), I think that its a great chalenge to a player like me that almost played in the all kind of leagues, and its looking for new challenges!!
  4. Re: International Setup Idea I'm still interested. Tell us when you became a gold memeber.
  5. Re: Hex`s champions league 3rd edition! Well it look likes i get Juve, not bad, not bad at all, but... its my third Juve team! I like the club, ok, i know, but i think this is a curse!!
  6. Re: Hex`s champions league 3rd edition! Anyone can join to the setup (draw), or its just by invitation? If its free and if you have a free place, ill love to join?
  7. Re: Deco and Ballack He is one of the best midfields playng in Europe, with Scolari coaching im, he gone show again all is football. He gone grow up. I'm sure. In Barça he was blocked by the tactic that Rickjaard used.
  8. Re: who to buy? midfield: Gaggo (real madrid); João Moutinho (Sporting); Nani and Anderson (man United); David Silva (valencia) Strikers: Pato (Ac Milan) Obafemi Martins (Newcastle); Adebayor (Arsenal); Lisandro (Porto)
  9. Re: who to buy? You want young players to grow up, or players already made?
  10. Re: New .... and old Welcome.... and good luck!
  11. Re: Rabiu Ibrahim He are just in the junior team of Sporting, thats why he isn't in the data base. he dont belong to the senior squad. An aditional informantion: he is under-17 World champion by Nigeria last year.
  12. Re: Another New Setup From Our Very Own , Hexinaator ! what about top teams starting in lower division, and the worst teams in first division, an upside down setup. just for managers with patience an skills to get to the top? Any way I'm interested to join. If possible AC Milan or Real Madrid, as already Hex knows...
  13. Re: Bye Everyone Sorry but can't help it Good Luck with your life and hope you'll return soon!
  14. Re: World championship I'll join! can I take Real Madrid or AC Milan? if not already taken?
  15. Re: Need People To Join My Setup it could be Valencia
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