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  1. Re: Gibbs or Schmelzer Doubt it. Even if he can he's only got limited time before Luke Shaw becomes the favourite.
  2. Re: Value of players keeps dropping! thanks for the help
  3. Re: Worlds top 3 players? (Not messi/ronaldo!)? Well seeing as you asked... Suarez is a fantastic striker, maybe even the best in the premier league but Falcao and Cavani are better and do more for the team - they can also tell the difference between Ivanovic and a sandwich. Iniesta is also a fantastic player, but if you base this on the past year and a half, Ribery deserves it more. As for Ibra, what's there to say, he deserves it just for being such a LAD.
  4. Re: adam maher or nasri Get Nasri. He's still relatively young and at a bigger club. Maher is good but Nasri is still a way better player.
  5. Re: Lucas Podolski If you're looking to build a team full of big money signings then go and splash the cash. However, if you want someone of his value then it's a good deal.
  6. Re: Is it OK if i sell Marcelo for Gotze + money? Yes, as long as you can buy a good replacement left back. And looking at your squad, I'd sell Nani and Fletcher, don't really need them and will get you money for a good left back.
  7. Re: Igor Akinfeev or Roman Weidenfeller? Yes,you get a good goalkeeper and 13 million.
  8. Re: New galactico's Don't bother, you've got enough in midfield and if you get injury problems then just use ronaldo as emergency striker.
  9. Re: Should I get these players? Definitely get Barkley, not so sure about the others. If you're looking to build for the future you could also try get already higher rated players such as Varane, Lukaku, Zouma or El Shaarawy.
  10. Re: Strike partner for Benzema I'd get either Giroud or Negredo. They've both been doing well recently and are likely to get better ratings. Others that are likely to improve are El Shaarawy, Sturridge and Aubameyang.
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