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  1.  Thanks for answers guys. Appreciate a lot.

    I'm in a very competitive gw and everytime when a promising young player is added, 5-6 managers start a bidding war on each player. 

    They start to bid right away on the morning when the player is added, so if the value of the player is 120k, they put on the 239k max bids.

    This is why I wanted to know if it's a certain hour when they change the players value from 120k -> 240k in this case, so I can outbid them, or just 'overnight'.

    Sorry for my bad english 😀

  2. I noticed that when a player is new added to the database he has a lower value than normal.

    For example an 18 year old player rated 70 has a normal value of 240k, but when is new added has a value of only 120k.

    My question is, how much time does it take for these new added players to reach the normal market value? (hours or smth)

  3. Found you, you have had loads of teams over the years i can give you that  :P  The thing that worries me is that you have stayed for a short term in lots of them, sorry for being cautious you'll probably end up being a great addition but can't afford to get this wrong as i've seen a lot of forum gws die out, ill get back to you to let you know my final desicion.


    I was playing for a little while in those game worlds because my friends from the same country as me they created some game worlds and my slots to manage clubs was full. You can trust me and I will proof you that I'm an serious manager. Thanks!

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