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  1. Re: New Job and Team Finances Click view details button in the job offer message. How much money the team has is in the club overview box. No other information is available
  2. Re: Info on Transfers Interesting, let us know what happens.
  3. I manage Plymouth in a EC Gameworld with very few managers so i have the pick of the talent. The plan was to buy low and sell high whilst going through the divisions. I have bought well so far with most players rising 3-9 points. The problem is my chairman gives a highly inflated price on players e.g Kaya 21 Cb 84 5.9m, Maher 18 Cm/Am 86 8.5m. I have had players on the transfer list at their minimum price for 2 weeks and no external clubs have made offers, usually its about 3 days. Also i started losing matches so I increased their wages which fixed the problem but now I'm losing money hand ov
  4. Re: Improved Finances As a manager of some smaller clubs i have not seen these changes helping me. For example I manage Leeds United and have got them promoted to the 1st division. I have had no investment to help me stay in the division. All of the players i have bought have been from trading up, making a couple of mil on each player. Dont get me wrong this is one of the sides of the game i enjoy the most but this leaves me with a small squad size and when i get injuries and suspensions (of which i have 4 of my best) i find it difficult to field a decent squad. A injection of 7mil or so woul
  5. Re: Silver Championships I had a similar idea to you in another thread ( http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=51332&page=5 ) ALL BE IT TWO MONTHS AFTER YOU. It goes a little something like this. How about SM introduced Associations like the FA etc.. and each manager could join one, say your country of birth and each manager could enter one of there teams in the choosen Association. Leagues are drawn lets say by sm reputation or length of time a member not how long youv'e been gold. Normal league rules add cups if you like, teams go up and down through the divisions. Champion
  6. Re: manager application. Have been thinking this myself. This is an obvious addition and one that should be introduced immediately.
  7. Re: Gold Championship - Team Lottery I personally think the way GC is created is a sham and detrimental to the development of the game. I have in the past posted a thread about this but it quickly got off topic i hope it doesn't happens to you. I said those managers without any gold sides should have first choice. Then 2, 3 etc.. I think this is a fairer way of doing it keeps new gold members in the game as it is very dificult to get a GC team. more new GM's = more money = quicker better improvements = more fun. I have sent this suggestion via support ticket but just got, SM is looking into
  8. Re: Players condition - NMF Personally I completely agree with you this happens time and time again and is most annoying. Also i think Unmanaged clubs should be at a disadvantage all-round how many times do you lose to them even though your team has a higher rated side. I have tried many different tactics against them with varying success. It has cost me promotion many a time. Some would say i am a little bitter
  9. Re: G.C Creation Must Change This is all they have told me so far but as you said it would have to be a first come first serve basis and with what 25 at the most top wanted sides, i think this idea quickly becomes unfeasible. What will happen is people will pay for the top clubs only taking out the supposedly random and fair creation of G.C. Anyway this gets away from my original point i just posted that to show you where they stand. Soon to get the best out of this site you will have to pay. This will make the tag line "make the greatest online football managment game and let the world play
  10. Re: G.C Creation Must Change Thanks for all your input guys but it seems too me that you all have half decent G.C teams already do you not think it would be fairer if you had a better crack at the whip when you first became a gold member at managing a decent side in the Gold divisions therefore keeping your interest and continual subscription. Multiple G.C creation would only increase your chances by a factor of 2,3,4 depending on how many created at the same time but when your talking about 8,000 members into 200 max clubs that is still not that good odds. What im suggesting makes it more ap
  11. I have been a Gold Member since June and have no been able to get hold of a semi-decent Gold Championship side at any of the new G.C and i have been online at creation time. I already manage several lower league sides at want to challenge myself at the top. I have idea that will help get rid of the problem and have suggested to the Soccer Manager Team and I am in repeatedly contact with them on the issue. So now i want to put out to the SM community as a whole to see if this is a common problem and what you think of my solution. Basically at G.C creation time since they have taken away the ra
  12. Re: Premier League 08/09 I left a post and pm luke over a week ago and still no reply i would like to join but cant without the code. Can someone please explain whats going on and fast as theres only 5 days to go.
  13. Re: Premier League 08/09 Hi There, Been doing premier league fantasy football for years and recently found this awesome game, so i'm defo in. Please send me the code. Real name :- niall hutchinson Log in name :- Hutchster Team name :- Hutchsters Giants
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