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  1. I manage Plymouth in a EC Gameworld with very few managers so i have the pick of the talent. The plan was to buy low and sell high whilst going through the divisions. I have bought well so far with most players rising 3-9 points. The problem is my chairman gives a highly inflated price on players e.g Kaya 21 Cb 84 5.9m, Maher 18 Cm/Am 86 8.5m. I have had players on the transfer list at their minimum price for 2 weeks and no external clubs have made offers, usually its about 3 days. Also i started losing matches so I increased their wages which fixed the problem but now I'm losing money hand over fist. Has anyone else had this and do you get offers eventually or in 10 weeks i will be in the red. Your opinions are appreciated.

  2. Re: Improved Finances

    As a manager of some smaller clubs i have not seen these changes helping me. For example I manage Leeds United and have got them promoted to the 1st division. I have had no investment to help me stay in the division. All of the players i have bought have been from trading up, making a couple of mil on each player. Dont get me wrong this is one of the sides of the game i enjoy the most but this leaves me with a small squad size and when i get injuries and suspensions (of which i have 4 of my best) i find it difficult to field a decent squad. A injection of 7mil or so would boost me enough to buy a decent player or a couple of squad players. For realism sake at the begining of last season when wolves got promoted to the prem league mick mccarthy was given 20mil to help him cope with the oncoming season. Anyway i understand that everybody is in the same boat but those of us who play this game to the max from the off by scouting players seem to be at a disadvantage as there is no reward for our hard work, while those who have reaped the rewards of previous seasons injections and add to that have large attendance revenue can sit back on there fortunes. As i understand the new rules revenue will be shared out more evenly across all the squads and cash injection will be given when chairman sees fit ( i.e when your club goes below a predetermined co-efficient made up of a percentage of all the clubs revenue). I currently have a squad of 27 and on average make a profit 200k per match. This means i will make an overall profit of 7.6mil not including profit from players plus prize money 5mil max unless i do really well, giving me a minimum of 12.6mil for the next season or 1 very good player if im lucky. Well thats my rant over i just hope promoted clubs get a better rub of the green.

  3. Re: Silver Championships

    1) The name :

    Obviously not set in stone' date=' but you get the idea, it is a elite gameworld where managers can test their teams against others. Obviously not as elite as Gold championships, hence the name.

    2) The format:

    In essence, it can be set out like any game world, lets say 40 teams for example. Once created, a manager must put forward a team they are currently managing in any standard setup. They will continue to manage this team in their original setup, any transfers done in the original setup will be added to their squad in the silver championship. No transfers can be done in the silver championship, [b']its more about challenging other managers putting a managers best team against another managers.[/b]. If you finish bottom of the lowest division in the gameworld, your team is booted out of the gameworld and someone else can join. :)

    3) Entry requirements.

    Everyone, from gold members to basic memebers. However, a team that is put forward to enter a SilChamp must of been managed for x amount of games. This is up for debate with you lot ! :D

    SM created SilChamp - First come first serve. Whoever see's the championship enters their team until its full.

    SilChamp bought from shop ( less than standard and custom - but can have requirements / rules if the owner wishes eg minimum of x amount of games managed, english clubs etc etc ). Can be invitational, open or application.

    4) Why ?

    Literally just to test your best teams against some of the best managers and teams around.

    I think it would be pretty sweet, what do you guys think ?

    I had a similar idea to you in another thread ( http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=51332&page=5 ) ALL BE IT TWO MONTHS AFTER YOU. It goes a little something like this.

    How about SM introduced Associations like the FA etc.. and each manager could join one, say your country of birth and each manager could enter one of there teams in the choosen Association. Leagues are drawn lets say by sm reputation or length of time a member not how long youv'e been gold. Normal league rules add cups if you like, teams go up and down through the divisions. Champions league type cups from the top clubs from each Association. Then the winners of those play a World Club Championship. Each member of the Association would get a vote towards who would manage the national side.

    If your still reading your old threads hope you like my addition i think it would be a great idea.

  4. Re: Gold Championship - Team Lottery

    yes they do want our money' date=' they are a business . . . . .

    Although i disagree with pre ordering i think creating 2/3 GC's at the same time would be the best method, as one member could only try and get a big team in one of the GC's.

    Been suggestd before by SoP i think

    id be well keen for that[/quote']

    I fully understand there a business and have been talking to them about it, but introducing pre-ordering is just plain wrong and creating 2+ GC worlds at the same time just adds to the problem of dilution in game worlds which a lot of people are complaining about.

  5. Re: Gold Championship - Team Lottery

    I personally think the way GC is created is a sham and detrimental to the development of the game. I have in the past posted a thread about this but it quickly got off topic i hope it doesn't happens to you. I said those managers without any gold sides should have first choice. Then 2, 3 etc..

    I think this is a fairer way of doing it keeps new gold members in the game as it is very dificult to get a GC team. more new GM's = more money = quicker better improvements = more fun. I have sent this suggestion via support ticket but just got, SM is looking into GC creation and will be implimenting new ways like pre ordering teams for a fee. THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY GUYS.

  6. Re: Players condition - NMF

    Personally I completely agree with you this happens time and time again and is most annoying. Also i think Unmanaged clubs should be at a disadvantage all-round how many times do you lose to them even though your team has a higher rated side. I have tried many different tactics against them with varying success. It has cost me promotion many a time. Some would say i am a little bitter :P

  7. Re: G.C Creation Must Change

    This is all they have told me so far but as you said it would have to be a first come first serve basis and with what 25 at the most top wanted sides, i think this idea quickly becomes unfeasible. What will happen is people will pay for the top clubs only taking out the supposedly random and fair creation of G.C. Anyway this gets away from my original point i just posted that to show you where they stand. Soon to get the best out of this site you will have to pay. This will make the tag line "make the greatest online football managment game and let the world play it for free" A lie.

  8. Re: G.C Creation Must Change

    Thanks for all your input guys but it seems too me that you all have half decent G.C teams already do you not think it would be fairer if you had a better crack at the whip when you first became a gold member at managing a decent side in the Gold divisions therefore keeping your interest and continual subscription. Multiple G.C creation would only increase your chances by a factor of 2,3,4 depending on how many created at the same time but when your talking about 8,000 members into 200 max clubs that is still not that good odds. What im suggesting makes it more appealing to new members and to take the game forward that is the best stand point.

    Also here are the messages they have sent me in return to my questions.

    I said 25/5/09

    I am a gold member and have been for a month or so &have yet to get my hands on a gold championship side. In this time 3 G.C worlds have been created. Two were in april created at about 14 & 15 O'Clock & The other one was 25/09 at about 19.20. For the first 2 i was at work & got to a computer about 2 hours after creation & nearly all the teams had gone a& i mean down to at least third tier. Today i was at home determined to get my self at least a semi decent side, refreshing the page every few minutes i went to the toilet (to much info) get back & its created awesome i thought time to pick my wits in the big league. I find the league and what did i find all sides gone down to third tier. THIS WAS 3 MINS AFTER CREATION. 3 minutes if this isn't proof the system is flawed i don't know what is. At the time there was over 7000 members online There are only 8400 G. members asuming most of those online members were gold thats 80% just waiting for the G.C to be created. I messaged Soccer manager with a solution but i didn't hear back. It is this if you dont currently own a gold team you have first choice over those who do, kind of like the housing market were some houses must go to first time buyers not just property magnates , Just for a short period of time. I think this would be a fairer system unlike the current one which is basically worse than the euro lottery. This would also make buying gold membership more appealing as managering in a G.C world is basically just a carrot dangled in front of you. All the extras of a Gold Membersip are available to you but only if your one of the people who logs in 1 minute after the game world is created. I know this sounds like sour grapes (and it proberly is) but this has annouyed me for a month now and your views would be appriciated whether you agree with them or not. I think that this game is great but if cant get my hands on a half decent gold side i wont be renewing my membership or reccommending to others as whats the point.

    They said 26/5/09

    Hi Niall,

    We fully appreciate the situation you are in, like many other Gold Members.

    We will discuss this internally and see what solution or better system we can come up with and let you know the results of these discussions.



    SM Support Team

    I said 10/8/09

    Once again I am disappointed it is 22:15 on 10th aug G.C 67 has just been created i was on line and kept refreshing till it came and it wouldn't let me choose it site goes down well there is over 7,000 people online line at the same time. So i go out come back in refresh until it comes up again i click on the button and the whole list off unmanaged clubs comes up glorious in its blueness. Awesome i thought now is my chance i click Liverpool no take control button then i go through all the top clubs no take control button on any of them weird i thought its only been a minute or so since creation so i click Tranmere and the take control buton is there re-establishing my fears no top clubs for me again. I already control some lower league clubs and want the full G.C challenge of a top club. I am now annoyed. Please reply my above idea is fair and sound.

    They said 17/8/09

    Hi Niall,

    Big clubs in the Gold Game Worlds are in massive demand and are taken by managers within seconds of the Game World opening.

    In the next few weeks we will be introducing a reserve club feature which will enable current Gold Members, for a small fee, to reserve a club in a Gold Game World before it opens up to everyone else.

    We will also be adding international management into all Game Worlds just for Gold Members. This will mean that all Gold Members will get the chance to manage a top international side in other Game Worlds.



    SM Support Team

    At the moment this is where they stand, they realise there is great demand for G.C places and they think they are able to make money from it. Which is fair enough but i think to get in new members and more revenue they need to make the better teams in G.C more easly available to new members, or the only revenue they will have is those managers already with decent G.C teams renewing their subscriptions.

    Sorry this is so long thanks for your replies.

    Niall Hutchinson

  9. I have been a Gold Member since June and have no been able to get hold of a semi-decent Gold Championship side at any of the new G.C and i have been online at creation time. I already manage several lower league sides at want to challenge myself at the top. I have idea that will help get rid of the problem and have suggested to the Soccer Manager Team and I am in repeatedly contact with them on the issue. So now i want to put out to the SM community as a whole to see if this is a common problem and what you think of my solution.

    Basically at G.C creation time since they have taken away the randomness of creation time, you have to choose the team you want within the first second of creation otherwise you wont get it, so it is now a complete lottery. I dont have any G.C teams and I'm sure alot of you out there who were trying to get a team on G.C 68 have at least 1. So how about those Gold managers without a G.C team have first choice for a limited period of time after creation say half an hour. This would take away the golden carrot that is dangled in front of you when you choose to buy gold, also there would be a fairer distribution of clubs amongst managers and it would make it easier on their servers at creation times.

    So what do you think, is it just sour grapes on my behalf or is this a decent and fair idea. I would love to hear all of your contributions to my idea as the difficulty of getting a G.C team is really starting to annoy me to the point that i wont renew my subscription.

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