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  1. My GK 90 rated has played 20 matches this season so far & 21 matches last season.

    He is level 3 concerned of lack of games, the last 2 levels was in matter of few months and he was playing every single match.

    I have another 90 rated GK that didn't play matches and he doesn't have any concern at all!!!

    Is this a bug? with the new SM layer/changes I don't know how to report this, help.

  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I don't watch Spanish League anymore so I need to know if Valencia's GK Diego ALVES is for keep of sell, got two other keepers that are old and rated 90.

    is he 1st keeper at his team? and has he been called to the national team recently?

    keep or sell?

  3. Re: The Official Serie A Thread

    Yeah they did. They were hit due to alleged match-fixing' date=' along with quite a few other Serie B and lower league clubs. [b']Their captain was also hit with a 3 1/2 year ban for it which pretty much ends his career.[/b] Multiple players and clubs were hit.

    And Napoli continue to be unable to beat teams they should. Cagliari's having a good season but the team should be winning these games. No problem getting results against the top teams though. Which could mean a decent result against Udinese hopefully.

    And on more very unfortunate news, Astori has a fractured leg.

    Oh no, is that Christian Doni? what a shame I've always enjoyed watching him.

  4. Re: The Official Serie A Thread

    Roma lost home game against Cagliari 1-2, will it be another dramatic season for Roma?

    Juve & Napoli did great this week, the ball goes through Juve midfielders so smoothly.. and cool touch by Vidal when scoring.

    Gallopa & Giovinco didn't stand a chance.

    I like how Inler is fitting in Napoli now, I've always wanted a better team for him =)

  5. Re: Official AC Milan Thread

    Before the end of transfer market Milan singed Antonio Nocerino in a 5 years contract, I think it's good deal and he's good replacement for Flamini who's injured for half season.

    He played almost every game at Palermo last season and been called to the Italian national team.

    You're thoughts on this signing guys?

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