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  1. Re: A player you would love your club to sign and why? Giovinco and eather Sneijder or Van der Vaart at Milan Milan medfield is rusty after Kaka.
  2. Re: Player Concerns Are you saying that lack of games and wages concerns doesn't add together? for example: X is level 2 lack of games concerned & level 1 wage concerned, does that mean the player is level 3 or still level 2? if it's still level 2 then how many levels til' the player decide to leave the team?
  3. Re: Player Concerns Sorry guys for not reading previous pages regarding wages concerns but, is renewing player contract the solution for wages concerns?
  4. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 Is Alex Chelsea defender safe at 92? I know he played 12 matches this season. and is Vermaelen playing or still injured?
  5. Re: Right now i'm listening to... I've always thought that Matthew is crazy mf and after watching this I'm sure he's 100% crazy T9LRo0D_uWM I also recommend this YF0eTPiwXdo
  6. Re: Illegal counter offers These counters need to stop. the other day I offered 11M for Simone Pepe (double his value) and the other manager countered 24M which is out of the chairman's question!! sort it out SM.
  7. Re: Jonjo Shelvey keep or sell? Ok, thanks everyone.. I'll keep him indeed =)
  8. He's 19yo got 9 games and I need to know how good/valuable for Liverpool. I don't watch EPL ( i know i miss so much:/ ) and i need ur recommendation on this lad.. money isn't a problem here I just need to know how good is Shelvey.
  9. Re: Official AC Milan Thread Congrats Rossoneri heads I just finished watching the 2nd half of the derby (rerun).. I didn't watch the 1st half but I saw the highlights. We were very lucky to score a goal at the 1st minute and that what made the task so difficult for Inter, plus Chivu's red card ended Inter's hopes. I think we're ok without Ibra when we have Pato at his best. Robinho is fantastic. Cassano.. this guy is pure negativity to any club that he plays in.. I can't see what people see in him. any way I'm so happy and FORZA MILAN ~
  10. Re: Aguero = Pato + Van Der Wiel ? i see, will go with the deal,thanks
  11. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Just That Sexy by Myah Marie qRW0bP2MnfA
  12. I'm Aguero got Aguero, Forlan & Di Ntaly in front the idea of giving up on 22yo rated 94 is crazy what do u think guys, do or don't do the deal?
  13. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Really good songs' date=' makes want to look them up. Well, today I was listening to one song on repeat in my car all the way You Burn First by Alexisonfire [YOUTUBE']YpPdldUnNAA[/YOUTUBE]
  14. Re: Right now i'm listening to... BrokenCyde FTW! anything new by them? iLike True love' date=' catchy catchy catchy well, I was listening to: [YOUTUBE']n6kk9Kc-FQo[/YOUTUBE]
  15. Re: Ibrahimovic I'd say if you don't watch Serie A don't throw advices all over. Ibra is making a huge difference for Milan since the day he signed.
  16. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 Dude not funny
  17. Re: Your most liked and disliked player Most liked: Di Natale, I also like G. Rossi Most Hated: Gattuso
  18. Re: Right now i'm listening to... 8mYd2X_9rrs This song is my obsession for about a week now. IDK if the singer is the guy in the video but he look like Gourcuff Crush by Pendulum
  19. Re: Jonny EVANS is he good or average Ok thanks guys, will sell him indeed
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