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  1. I received 13M for this player although he recently dropped to 88 he's 23yo that makes wonder if he's Man UTD future CB! He's not a starter in my team. what do you think guys? should I sell him?
  2. Re: Ibra + Macherano = C Ronaldo I'd do any deal for Ronaldo or Messi.. best two players in the game.. that's what I think =) Edit: don't sell Ronaldo.
  3. Re: Rate/Discuss Recent Films You HAVE Seen Sorry I'm not following, what do you mean? Edit: Oh, I was searching the movie cast not the x-factor.. just to see if she's the voice actress of Mother Gothel, she's not BTW. sorry my bad, u have a nice day/night.
  4. Re: Rate/Discuss Recent Films You HAVE Seen Watched the new Disney movie Tangled, it's good movie if you're into animation I recommend watching it. at some part of the movie, when Mother Gothel was singing I thought she's Mary Byrne (the lady from the X-Factor) so I paused the movie and searched the cast 8/10
  5. Re: Rate/Discuss Recent Films You HAVE Seen Just finished watching Tron Legacy. I didn't think that I'll enjoy it that much, but I loved every minute of this movie. i'll give it 9/10
  6. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 is Maxi Lopez safe at 88 or should I sell him? he played a lot but poor scoring! in real life I like to watch him play though
  7. and is it illegal to create a new account and manage teams from different setups?
  8. Re: Rate/Discuss Recent Films You HAVE Seen Today I watched Due Date and I loved it.. I recommend you guys to watch it. I'll rate it 8/10 "Are you a girl or something?.."
  9. Re: Riferimento: Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011
  10. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 face palm every time I remember that SM dropped Di Natale in the last changes.. any how.. very good thread for grinding some cash =) Now that Giovinco is Azzurri player, will he rise? the kid is doing everything with Parma.
  11. Re: Respuesta: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 I'd say 80% stay.. no way he's dropping it'll be madness
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I got Cavani & Barrios main FWDs and I need to know what will happen to JOVANOVIC, Milan and CACAU, Jeronimo rating, should I sell them?
  13. Re: My Top 10 Most Overrated Players/Underrated Players I watch Calcio so my list: Overrated: Gattuso Seedorf Luca Toni Cassano Iaquinta Mexes Chivu Gilardino Pazzini Buffon Marchisio F. Inzaghi Borriello Gattuso (some of the list I'd never play if I was a coach) Underrated: Di Vaio (some one said he's the most underrated player and I agree) Ambrosini Di Natale Quagliarella Galloppa Storari Miccoli Legrottaglie Menez Palombo
  14. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 Cavani & Hernanes IDK if Pazzini is rising but..
  15. Re: Help me to confess the chairman to accept a deal
  16. Re: Help me to confess the chairman to accept a deal
  17. I'm going to buy Cavani 90 rated for 30M and my chairman is accepting up to 28M, the other manager won't accept anything but cash. I'm thinking to sell one or two 89 rated players from my team in Cavani's position hopping that it will lead to acceptance from the chairman. does any one know if that will work? my FWDs ratings are 90, 89x2, 88, 86 and 85 any solution to get this deal done?
  18. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything Made bids for wingers' date=' RM & LM yet no replies. That's why I sold him, fear of dropping.. thanks =)
  19. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything So I sold Simao from two of my teams for 20 & 25 millions just in case he'll drop bcuz of rating cap in Turkish league, got 89 & 90 wingers as replacements .. Do you guys think I did the right thing?
  20. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 I disagree my friend, I don't know how did u come with that so if can explain more!
  21. Re: Official Arsenal Thread is Vermaelen getting games or he's not 1st option for Arsenal defense?
  22. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread congrats Gunners.. Van Perise goal was an art.
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