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  1. Re: Kevin's PS3 And XBOX 360 Games Review Thread

    The First PS3 Review Is


    Oh Yes A Long Awaited Return For The Saga!


    Picking up immediately where Resistance: Fall of Man concluded' date=' Resistance 2 follows Nathan Hale as he finds himself once more in a world transformed by war and invasion. Undaunted by their defeat in London, the Chimera have continued to advance and are now poised to attack the United States. Entire cities have been leveled and communities annihilated. In this war where the odds are so heavily stacked against the human race, few are left who are willing and able to fight. Fortunately, Hale is not alone. A group of super soldiers known as the Sentinels will fight alongside Hale as they collectively attempt to thwart the inevitable. [/size']

    Players will once again step into the war-torn boots of Nathan Hale, who not only faces near impossible odds on the battlefield, but also constantly struggles with the Chimeran virus raging inside his own body. In addition to an epic single-player campaign, Resistance 2 offers a truly unprecedented eight-player, class-based online co-op campaign with a separate, parallel storyline and 60-player online competitive multiplayer built upon a massive battles, greater intimacy mantra. Players can also visit a re-designed MyResistance.net, featuring social networking tools designed to enhance a user's gameplay experience whether they’re engaged in single, co-op or competitive combat.

    Courtesey Of My Friend James!

    Resistance 2 throws you straight into the action and from the start you see how big this game is. After fighting through Europe and you thought they were hit bad, America was even worse the new species have overhauled the whole of America and a select group are left to fight it out (SRPA) against the Monsters which by the way are at an epic scale, this is the Gears Of War of the PS3.


    Don't worry your not alone you are introduced with Supporting characters that help you through the game, but this game can leave you in the dark on what you have to do. However, the story issues (which are arguably a minor or subjective problem) are overshadowed by the considerable elements that are marshaled together for Resistance 2. The first game was well known for its atmosphere, tight corridors and its surreal environments. All of that has been maintained, and even augmented. For instance, it's extremely strange to walk into the town of Twin Falls, Idaho, and see the entire place covered with flesh pods, which obviously contain the unfortunate remains of the townsfolk. When one of your squad mates remarks that seeing the entire thing makes him miss conversion centers, you can't help but agree with him. But eclipsing this is the sheer scale and scope of the game, which is nothing short of epic. In every single level, there is at least one moment that will make your jaw drop, such as the absolute devastation of Chicago and its total infestation of Chimeran creatures. The same can be said of the various "monsters" that you'll face off against, many of whom tower over the battlefield thanks to their size. The giant Goliath walkers in the prologue are one thing, but when you first witness the dimensions of creatures like the Kraken or the Leviathan, it's definitely one of those things that gives you pause (as well as a sense of accomplishment when you defeat them).

    The Online modes are questionable the game modes aren't the best but meeting your team and fighting deathmatches that leave other games in shame, DLC to come soon.


    8.6 OUTTA 10

    I though this was a thread for XBOX 360? :rolleyes: Looks at title.....:rolleyes:

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