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  1. Re: My first time! last night! Was I the only one to think something different while I was reading this until the end?
  2. Re: Live streams for footie http://www.myp2p.eu/competition.php?competitionid=∂=sports&discipline=football Also a good site for streams
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    GCSE Results

    Re: GCSE Results
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    Football Lookalikes !!

    Re: Football Lookalikes !!
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    GCSE Results

    Re: GCSE Results Last year I got 5 A's and 6 B's in my GCSE's........and a U in ICT, mind you so did the majority of my school
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    GCSE Results

    Re: GCSE Restuls What did you get in English? because you spelt results wrong in the thread title:D
  7. Re: A warning to you all! Yeah you do However he can easily track your IP address and find out your location
  8. Re: Xbox360 - Xbox Live! Duffman's had an idea and a very good one at that! FIFA 09 is going to have a mode called BE A PRO ONLINE, which enables 10 vs 10 gaming. It works by each player controlling one player of a team, so 10 players, 10 positions (excluding GK), if you played FIFA 08 or Euro 08, you get what I mean. Which got me thinking.......(this is the good part ) If we could recruit 10 people from this forum, who all have FIFA 09, we could set up a team, and play online with one another, if we could agree positions. Then we could take on the world, and if we could play well with each other it would be great fun! Let me know what you think
  9. Re: Weirdest private message I just him a message, telling him where to stick it
  10. If you receive a PM from a member of the forum called Muldoon29, please ignore it as he is trying to get your secret question for your MSN Password, so do not reply to his Question. Thank you Edit: Just seen that there is a thread on this, but this seems like a separate incident
  11. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 1 He said he will be doing it tomorrow, because he is working Nights
  12. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 2 Saturday 23rd Blackburn 2-0 Hull, 15:00 Darlington 2-1 Gillingham, 15:00 Le Mans 1-2 St Etienne, 18:00 Borussia Dortmund 2-2 Bayern Munich, 14:30 Istanbul Buyuksehir BSK 1-0 Eskisehirspor, 19:00 Birmingham 3 v 0 Barnsley 15:00 Sunday 24th Pacos Ferreira 1-2 Braga, 19:00 Wigan Athletic 0-2 Chelsea, 13:30 (ESB)
  13. Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread Oh Dear, same old Spurs, big hype, but we never deliver at the start of the season, we have been undone by yet another set piece, which was one of our issues last year, anything but a win next week vs Sunderland is useless!
  14. Re: AS/A2 Results day (14/08/08)
  15. Re: AS/A2 Results day (14/08/08) Mixed Bag here: Geography Human - A Physical - A Coursework - A Maths Core 1 - B Core 2 -B Stats - C Physics Forces and Motion - B Waves -B Electrons and Photons -B Economics Unit 1 -B Unit 2 -D Unit 3 - U:eek:
  16. The time of year is once again upon us when many of us will be getting exam results, whether it be GCSE or A-Level. However, tomorrow it is the turn of A-Level students to collect their results, and find out whether they have got what they have worked so hard for. I am currently studying AS Level, as is (as far as i aware) Matt Jewiss. There must be other members of the forum getting either AS or A2 resutls tomorrow. Please let yourselves be known:D Best of luck to you all, Hope you get what you deserve!
  17. Re: Anorthosis Famagusta FC Coming to a Champions League Group Near You! I remember Spurs Trashing the Cyprus team last year in the UEFA Cup Qualifiers 7-1 or something, good for them though if they do it!
  18. Re: The Post a pic that makes you laugh everytime you see it thread!!! I don't know if I should be posting this, but it's bloody funny! and some others.....
  19. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 1 El Zamalek 3-1 ASEC Abidjan PSG 2-2 Bordeaux Vaduz 2-1 Sion Carrick United 1-1 Sporting Fingal Al Ahly 2-0 Dynamos Valencia 0-2 Real Madrid CSKA Moskva 2-0 Terek Grozni NY Red Bulls 3-1 Toronto FC
  20. Re: Ezequiel Garay Why, oh why, do I never read anything? Sorry everyone, my mistake
  21. Re: Ezequiel Garay Madrid's website says 6 year deal http://www.realmadrid.com/cs/Satellite/en/1202736806017/noticia/Noticia/Ezequiel_Garay.htm
  22. Just a small issue relating to the Real Life Clubs Database. Garay is currently listed as a Racing Santander player, when in fact he signed for Real Madrid earlier this close season, he needs to be moved to Real Madrid.
  23. Re: GB Olympic team Gareth Bale, Chris Gunter, Jack Wilshere
  24. He looks to be loosing his long battle with illness: Sir Bobby Robson has admitted he will lose his battle with lung cancer 'sooner rather than later'. The former England, Newcastle and Ipswich boss has been battling a fifth bout of the illness and has accepted doctors' prognosis that he is unlikely to beat it. He told The Sun: "I have accepted what they have told me and I am determined to make the most of what time I have left. "I am going to die sooner rather than later. But then everyone has to go some time, and I have enjoyed every minute. "I have been fortunate to survive this long. It is thanks to the doctors and their dedication." Robson took England to the brink of a World Cup final in Italy in 1990 and has enjoyed a football career spanning six decades. His time in the game includes playing days with Fulham and England, to managerial triumphs first with Ipswich and then as national coach at two World Cups, to continental coaching appointments. He later returned to his native North East to take over at Newcastle and most recently spent a short time as consultant for the Republic of Ireland. (Source: Sky Sports) It's a great shame, he has been one of England's best managers in recent times, and has been courageous over the last through years, battling his problems with cancer and the like. I hope he has the best in the remaining life he has left
  25. Re: Score add on for FireFox I can't get this to work,can anybody help please?
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