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  1. Re: Double Management In A Club? I think it could work, if you do it with a friend you often talk with, so you both agree on decisions, tactics and the like, however it would not work if you were working with someone you had never talked to before, as arguments could take place, and ruin it, there is also a potential problem of a language barrier between players. However these issues apart, I think it would be an awesome idea, if you did it with someone you like/trust, you could easily make a great team
  2. Seen this on another forum, and It's Brilliant!!! It's also a bit of fun for all of us!
  3. Duffman

    Best Laptop

    Re: Best Laptop Try going to Dell, where you can custom build your own PC, If you are going to run Vista I recommend at least 2 Gb of Ram to make it run smoothly, and a decent processor, most are dual core these days, so that shouldn't be an issue really, for Gaming you want a good graphics card and probably a 15.4 " screen
  4. Duffman

    Rate My Team Thread

    Re: Rate My Team Thread The Duffman Barca Squad MKII Imageshack is being an ****, so heres a link to the team http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=27340&clubid=2653341&sid=551
  5. Re: How to Improve my team?? It's Not showing mate
  6. Re: Result times differ in setups ? Sorry!
  7. Re: Result times differ in setups ? Alright Adam, haven't spoken to you in a while From my experiences, what happens is once a setup has started a new season it gets pushed down to the back of the results list, so for example if WC1000 has jsut started a new season, it will go to the back of the queue, meaning that setups like WC1500 will be in the list before it. I hope that makes sense
  8. Re: english championship 291 - is this a good team ? That ain't bad to be fair, you could do with some youg talents, and look at a new goalie, LB and CB, Goalie and LB becuase they are old, CB becuase you have little cover in that area
  9. Duffman

    Reasons for Absence

    Re: Reasons for Absence Couldn't SM in some way let you open your standard to who you want, so we can have WC2 Mk II?
  10. Re: YouTube Videos I had to post these they are bloody funny, especially the 2nd one Oh yeah watch the 1st video 1st Warning! Language
  11. Re: SM Euro Predict - THE FINAL Spain 1-2 Germany
  12. Re: Euro 2008 I'm really looking fowards to tonights game, both the Dutch and Russians play good attacking football, so I hope for plenty of goals. However the I think the dutch will win because they have the extra class over the Russians. I think the Dutch will have to wary of the Russian fullbacks as they love to get foward, and the Russians need to watch the speed of Dutch attacks.
  13. Re: Euro 2008 Oh Dear, that was always going to happen, Turkey never deserved it
  14. Re: Euro 2008 OMG, Brilliant last 2 mins, that was bloody fantastic lol, pennos it is
  15. Re: EURO2008-Portuguese squad I cant see how Simao even started a game! he was truely awful imo, didn't do anything good in the games that I watched, Quaresma was a much better option I felt
  16. Re: Euro 2008 It's Definately up there with France vs Romania, You know Turkey will win now
  17. Re: Euro 2008 This game is the best so far I think, I can honestly still see portugal winning this, as long as they can defend.
  18. Re: New kits 08/09 Are they Tottenham In disguise?
  19. Re: Fantasy Euro 2008 My team scored a mighty.......15 points:D None of my bloody players played, but I have made some changes and My team is now really strong for the 1/4 finals, good luck to all
  20. Re: Everyone's Albanian!!! There is some well dodgy deals there as well, does being Albanian make players cheaper?
  21. Re: A new Forumers World Championship Bump! Someone must have some feedback on this
  22. We've tried this numerous times before I know, but now WC 2 is boring in my opinon, no one will sell anyone, even though that player is 3 or 4th place in that position for their team, meaning I cant help other managers by selling them players because i cant find a replacement. So I propose at some time in the future, we all join a standard setup, where many forumers compete, and will fill it up, and this will hopefully make it fun for us all. All feedback is welcomed
  23. Re: Has anyone else had this problem? Hi guys wondering if any one can help ,since the new chairman improvements I have had two of my teams finish a season, My Porto in WC2, and my stoke in EC 858. None of these two teams have recieved a cash bonus from their chairman, the latter having just been promoted to divsion 1, so i find it hard to understand why the chairman would not want to give me any money to improve my squad for the challenge ahead? I was wondering if this was a bug and we should at least get something ,or has anyone else not recieved anything at all and it is part of the new feature . Any feedback is welcomed
  24. Re: Custom ideas.....? I agree, smaller teams are more fun, maybe have a Blue Square Premier setup?
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