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    Thankyou Herby

    Re: Thankyou Herby What a ledgend, Best remembered by me, for his hatred of me starting a transfers/match report for "his" setup, but being his gracious self, he accepted my apology Good luck with what you are going on to do, you will be missed!
  2. This is a really random thread, but this is quite an amazing stat. Today against Croatia, Lukas Podolski recieved his 50th cap, you may think, yer so have plenty of others, then you look at his age, 23 years Old, I personally think that some going, and if he keeps playing he could rack up a fair few before he retires
  3. Re: Giovani Dos Santos has signed for Tottenham Im fed up with comment s like this, he has joined spurs, becuase that was his decision, if he wanted Champs league football he would have gone somewhere else, he sees Spurs as an ambitious project and wants to be a part of it, if he plays well along with the rest of the team, there is no reason why we cant make the top 4 and get in the champions legue!
  4. Re: State of the Forum? If everyone followed Duffman's example, the world would be a better place Anyway, I agree recently, there has been an increase in immature, petty little comments, maybe one or two coming from me, however I agree that a forum is here to express your opinion, but some people take it to far. The only way I can see reducing stuff like what's been said is some sort of warning system, where say you have 10 lives, and if someone feels your post is in someway immature/off topic, or whatever, they report it, this then gets sent to a mod, who has a final desicion whether its a valid argument or not, and they take appropriate action, if you have too many warnings, you get a suspension, before eventually getting a Ban if it continues.
  5. Re: Possibly the best Division 4 side in English Set-up
  6. Re: Free Agents There used to be one, however is dissapeared a while ago and never came back! I agree it's useful especially for smaller teams
  7. Re: World Championship 2 MKII I was jsut wondering if everyone else recieved their Chairman cash, because I haven't!!!!! :mad: I want to strengthen my squad as well
  8. Re: That Bloody Chairman... I know how you feel mate, I feel the deal is acceptable so It should be up to me whether it goes through or not!
  9. Re: Euro 2008 - Who to support? I chose Romania, they're representitive is hot! My final was between Turkey and Romania
  10. Duffman

    Top 5 hobbies

    Re: Top 5 hobbies 1.) Watching football 2.) XBOX 360 3.) Playing football 4.) PC 5.) Music ( I really like The Enemy - You're not Alone atm for some reason)
  11. Re: Ronaldo wants Madrid move!! I smell a rat, why would he tell a Brazilian paper, of all papers to bring out the news, why wouldn't he go to the English/Spanish press 1st?
  12. Re: There's a monster playing for France!!! I never meant for it to be offensive in anyway, i'm not that sort of person, As i said before, in that picture alone, he jsut has a resemblance. Can a mod please get rid of this thread
  13. Re: There's a monster playing for France!!!
  14. Re: Player that rised by 80? Lol they must have been builders or something to get a previous rating of 0 :p
  15. We all knew this would happen, but it's now official. More soon
  16. Re: Time For Me To Move On... Sad to see you go Tom, you are one of the best scouts on the forum, and one of the best blokes on here, good luck with Eton College, and wish you all the best.
  17. Re: EURO2008 - Fantasy Football You win already because of the name, that's brilliant!! Plus your team is rather good as well!
  18. Re: EURO2008 - Fantasy Football GK: Casillas D: Corluka D: Lahm D: Bruno Alves D: Berezutski M: Ronaldo M: Gattuso M: Sneijder M: Modric S: Benzema S: Torres Sub: Kazim Richards My defence is a bit poor, but then again it's attacking players that get the points
  19. Re: EURO2008 - Fantasy Football I doubt SM would put up a prize for this lol, but a standard setup or something would be good
  20. Re: EURO2008 - Fantasy Football I jsut thought as I had a team already it would be easier for me to set one up
  21. Re: EURO2008 - Fantasy Football Should jsut take you to it, as you go through
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