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  1. Is the Argentinian review over, or can anyone still recommend some last minute risers?
  2. I would say it depends on the income you're club is getting also. If you don't make enough to pay for those higher rated players salary, you need to generate money by selling players. Risers are the easiest way to do that. Personally I'd always look for players that will rise, but might also be potential (future) starters. Once their TB is lifted and they've risen, you can decide who you need to sell and who you can keep long term. Next to that, in a team with and 85/86 average, one highly rated player won't make an instant difference, I think, so rather build the overall strength of your squad.
  3. Meant to reject a bid on my main striker yesterday, found out this morning that I accidentally accepted it instead.. Gutted obviously, but now also in desperate need of suggestions of decent replacements (87/88 rated). Since it's a very competitive GW it's probably wiser to look for a not too obvious younger player (22/23, between 80 en 85 rated) with potential to rise to at least the same rating as my previous striker. Any help is welcome!
  4. Is the Turkish review still on it's way? Feels like it's going really really slow.
  5. Anyone has any Sivasspor predictions also, since Turkey seems to be the next review? Saw some random players already getting a rise, or was that a full review already?
  6. Unlikely. He will probably start with the first team in preseason (unless he's sold, but with corona paralyzing the market those chances seem smaller atm). After that, it's up to his performance of course, but he will definitely not be joining the preseason squad as one of the expected starters.
  7. Most differences are due to player form being taken into consideration (tho that's being done way too little in my opinion, so far), so all in in all your predictions were very well done.
  8. I think in the end this also depends on the ranking (not sure which factors Soccahappy's model includes), if AZ manages to take the title from Ajax that will impact players ratings, I expect. So far AZ has been keeping up in the league but they have been kicked out of the cup hopelessly and cut their Europa League season short too. So those thing swill have to be taken into consideration, and Boadu hasn't been in the greatest form since his last rise in december... I think the same goes for some other predictions (but again I don't know anything about this model and what factors are included), for example some players from Willem2 have been playing great, but their rating changes will also be determined by whether they come for the top 3 once more or if they drop a bit more on the final ranking.
  9. Just to clarify, I currently have Diop in my squad. It's a very competitive setup so I understand why the other manager wants to bid something high for Diop.. I'm just wondering if people think Diop's worth keeping long term.
  10. I'm offered to swap Issa Diop for Pique and I'm curious to hear how people rate Diop long term (let's say mid to long term)? Pique is obviously on the way back but might be an interesting player to swap for other young players, since I'm trying to build a squad from young players rising.
  11. No problem Pedro, I don't mind with which club I start.
  12. Milner seems to have gotten virtually every position except for GK, central defender, and striker lol.
  13. I'm still around here every now and then but it's such a mess that it's really not worth the effort.. Glad to see how EC30000 is still thriving more than ever, Newport manager since day one
  14. So should I apply for Chesterfield or is the OP list not up to date?
  15. ^ Came to say the same thing. Quite modest changes so far I think, considering they're only reviewing them now. I hope they won't stick to this once-a-season routine of reviewing the Eredivisie.
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