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  1. Yes, for now, but future depends on his next step. He will start the season at Ajax and has to move on from there. He might want to leave Ajax considering they brought in Haller and he wasn't happy about that in the winter break, but he might also be the second striker for next season if he stays.
  2. I think +4 at most. Sparta had an excellent season for their standards, but are generally capped at 82 I think. Okoye got a +5 few months ago so it's too soon for him to rise any higher.
  3. Quite some positional edits for Dutch clubs today. Precursor for the Dutch review coming soon perhaps?
  4. About Naci Unuvar, considered a tremendous talent, and often compared to the likes of Nouri. However, similar to Nouri and unlike some of the more recent break-through talents at Ajax, he's quite small and his physique needs some more development for him to play regular senior football. Considering his age there is plenty of time, Nouri was only getting close to being a regular first team player when he was 20, I wouldn't be surprised if the same goes for Naci. Great talent tho. Duo for me Klaassen probably not in this review, but he'll get there next season.
  5. What are the thoughts on these players rising or dropping (for the next review)? Geoffrey Kondogbia Thomas Lemar Isco Dele Alli Jorginho Nadiem Amiri Bruno Guimaraes Scott McTominay Thanks in advance!
  6. Zakaria for Odegaard and Lisandro Martinez?
  7. Rating predictions for Dzeko, Thuram, and Matip for the end of season reviews?
  8. No point in getting into this since I seem to have missed out on most of the controversy. I always thought having a democracy setup where we all know each other and can come to rational decisions together was a bit idyllic, but at the start of this GW we seemed to have put our trust in Jay to run this thing. Now there seems to be a lot of disagreement on the way he wants to execute that. Think that leaves us two options: renegotiate the expectations of this setup and come to an agreement on that, or let Jay put down his foot on what he wants for this Gw and let every manager decide for themselves if they want to play along with that. I'm willing to stay but I do think that requires clarity on the setup in which we move forward.
  9. I would keep him if you can, good talent who's gonna keep playing.
  10. Won't be reviewed until the end of the season, right?
  11. I will think on that, can't say I always have time to follow the entire league, but I could have a look sometime!
  12. Sorry, bit late to respond, don't have time to be on the forum daily unfortunately. Generally, I think van Hecke's doing fine, especially considering that he came from a lower division and didn't even play pro level until two years ago. But I quite rated him before this season and based on that I expected him to make a big impact, maybe even to push his team to a decent ranking. He didn't do that. His team has been performing quite rocky this season, and he was sometimes part of things not being as easy going as wished in my opinion. He was benched a few times after the winter break and he has been moved from a central defense position to the right defensive position recently to find more defensive stability. I think overall he has continued to improve (albeit somewhat slower than anticipated/hoped), learned a lot by playing on a higher level, and still displays plenty of potential to be a very decent player in the future. However, he also has a long way to go to actually get there, and that path appears to be taking some more time. I think it'll take at least one more season to see were his next potential step lies.
  13. Is Ivan Villar worth holding on to as a back-up GK and/or future riser?
  14. Might have to sell one out of these three, how do you guys rate them? Henry Onyekuru Musa Barrow Tino Kadewere
  15. For the amount of reviewing the MLS needs, these still seem like quite low numbers, isn't it?
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