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  1. For the amount of reviewing the MLS needs, these still seem like quite low numbers, isn't it?
  2. Thanks for the replies to this question, in addition I wonder what the thoughts are on the max rating of the players in bold?
  3. Hey guys, I could use some input on sorting out my team in a competitive GW. The team is a bit out of balance, I have more defenders than I can play and I lack depth in central midfield/wingers. I usually play a formation with 4 defenders and currently have the following players that could play in a defensive role: Zakaria (D/DM/MC - 91) Telles (D/DM/M/AL - 90) Dumfries (DR/DC - 89) Diop (DC - 89) Maksimovic (DR/DC - 89) Veltman (DR/DC - 88) Dodo (D/DM/MR - 87) Gorosabel (D/DM/MR - 86) Olaza (D/DM/ML - 86) I currently play Zakaria in midfield and Telles as a winger, n
  4. He got a +1 back then, which was obviously way too small. I had the exact same thing but the other way around, brought him in a couple of days ago.
  5. Young player at a club with plenty of opportunities, has been a starter most of the season. So based on that, definitively worth picking up. However, he hasn't been getting as much praise and the call for more decent competition on his position has been getting louder. Now that other players are returning from injuries, he's being benched more. He has a long term contract so Ajax has plenty of faith in him, but he has a lot of development to do in order to solidify his potential.
  6. Very unlikely that he will play I think, especially at first Stekelenburg will be taking over. Depending on how long the appeal and the final sentence will last, he might get chances later on. There was the option for him to go out on loan in the winter window, so he will stay on as back-up for now. Me too. His story at least sounds very on character for him.
  7. Start of Portugal review or transfer edits?
  8. Earlier this week it seemed like the USA review was about to start too, but it wasn't mentioned again in your later reports. Can we conclude that that may not be happening after all?
  9. Thanks for confirming, that's exactly how I thought it was. Thought maybe there has been a general change were things are moving faster, but it seems like I'm the only one so far then! Strange.
  10. I mean only one single club makes a bid for that player, and that bid gets accepted within about 14 hours (where I thought it used to be around 24 hours).
  11. Recently I feel like single bid transfers get accepted way faster than before. I've seen several deals get accepted in about 14 hours after the initial bid, where I thought it used to be around 24 hours before. Anyone else noticed this, or is it only now coming to my attention?
  12. Gravenberch and Traore now being rated the same might be the biggest flaw in it, Gravenberch should've been equal with Schuurs. But I guess maybe they take it slow with the Dutch league, whenever there was a midseason review it never was very generous. PS. Did anyone see any of these individual changes coming in the Swiki edits, or are they really completely random? I don't check them religiously, but I was a bit surprised that I would've overlooked Ajax being mentioned.
  13. Rose recently, I bought and sold him for that reason, will be another year I suppose until he rises again so I wouldn't go for him now. Would be great if he could return to The Netherlands. Wirtz is such an exciting player at the moment, I wouldn't sell for these players.
  14. Started writing a reply and then refreshed the page smh. Anyway, I think for all these players the start is making minutes, in order to really rate their potential. A player like Antony obviously has a different status (and rating) already than some of the (much) younger players on the list. Also there are players like Ekkelenkamp, who in my opinion mainly makes minutes because of his position and/or lack of other players available, compared to a younger (but perhaps more talented player like Taylor. Because I'm an Ajax supporter/follower, I can say most about those players, and from
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