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  1. No problem Pedro, I don't mind with which club I start.
  2. Milner seems to have gotten virtually every position except for GK, central defender, and striker lol.
  3. I'm still around here every now and then but it's such a mess that it's really not worth the effort.. Glad to see how EC30000 is still thriving more than ever, Newport manager since day one
  4. So should I apply for Chesterfield or is the OP list not up to date?
  5. ^ Came to say the same thing. Quite modest changes so far I think, considering they're only reviewing them now. I hope they won't stick to this once-a-season routine of reviewing the Eredivisie.
  6. Sorry for not being around anymore, Matt got in touch with me already so great to hear I got in. The new forum really sucks once again, but I guess we'll have other ways to communicate now anyway so good luck with that SM. I think the adjusted rules change this classico for the better so can't wait to get started!
  7. Since the current version of R2R that I'm in is coming to an end, I'm opting to join another one, if still possible? Classic setups these are, so you should probably just keep the concept as it is. However, as noticed in the version I'm in now, once a club gets promoted ahead of others, it's often hard to keep up with them. Not sure if there's anything to do about that, but if we could make the race to the top in any way more challenging and competitive, I'd say that's a win.
  8. I just don't see the point of changing things all the time. Like now, you have to browse through the entire new lay-out again to figure out where to find everything. That doesn't make a forum more appealing for the current users.
  9. I might end up using this one too.
  10. Hi everyone, Since the last youth oriented setup I joined also seems to be dying down, I decided it's time to start one myself. These leagues are really only interesting in the longer run, but due to the never-ending flow of new young players will also always remain interesting for new managers to join later on. So I think it should be possible to create a long running setup like that, presuming we can start with a solid group of committed managers for the first couple of seasons. I'd like to use this topic to collect all ideas on what makes the setup the most viable. In my opinion the basic rules should be no buying over 21 y/o or 78-rated, all players over 23 (maybe 24?) should be sold, and a squad cap of 25 or maybe 30. Any input on other rules, number of teams, suggestions for clubs, what type of league setup, etc. I've already got a couple of managers who've expressed their interest, everyone feel free to join in if you're interested.
  11. no sweat mate, we all have those times. just noticed a lot of managers jumping ship already indeed, so i guess all that's left is to start over!
  12. Guys, since this setup seems to turn out as yet again one that didn't last long, I wanted to let everyone know that I would like to recreate one. These setups really are only fun in the long run so by running it myself I ensure at least one manager sticking around I hope some of you want to re-join, and stay for the long run this time. Please let me know who's interested!
  13. Does this somehow land me a spot in the eternal hall of fame, or was it just a very warm welcome?
  14. You'd almost think they're just gonna skip the end of season review and wait until after the start of the new season...
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