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  1. Re: Official Red Devils thread


    In the build up to any game you believe you have a chance..... As a Manchester United fan for nearly 20 years I have been very lucky to rarely witness my team being so obviously bettered.

    The simple fact is that you cannot compete with such an aptitude for retaining and using a football. Messi? Nah ... Xavi and Iniesta are as close to perfection as is possible. Immense.

    I sympathize with your observation on Xavi and Iniesta' date=' as many would, but I still believe that Messi is just as "close to perfection" as those two are. Their ability to move with the ball is unprecedented, but so is Messi's ability to move [i']without[/i] the ball. His ability to draw out defenders and midfielders and create space without even having the ball is a huge part of Barca's ability to make use of their possession. Xavi and Iniesta are indeed insuperable in their possession play, but Messi converts their contributions into goals.

  2. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread

    Barcelona were very good tonight; if a little conservative. But given that Manchester United did look to open them up at nearly every time they got near the box you can't blame them. I do think they got the rub of the green with some decisions but they won on merit tonight. Man Utd need a couple of midfielders and fast if they want to challenge Barcelona next season. I hear a certain team in Madrid have one or two spare?

    I wouldn't blame them for being conservative. If there's one thing that was particularly unappealing about Ferguson's tactics today, it was the eagerness to defend that he seemed to imbue his side with. I would rather say that Barca's seemingly conservative approach was more of an attempt to draw out the sort of pressure from an irritated United side that could open up space between the United midfield and defense. That gap was successfully created by Messi's ostensibly retrogressive movements, and exploited by some good runs from Villa, Alves, and of course Pedro.

  3. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread

    What a game from Barca. They should be in a league of their own. Guardiola is truly a genius, but Fergie's gameplan wasn't bad - up until the second half, that is. Messi's simplistic but masterful off-the-ball movement again succeeds in stumping United's defense. Makes you wonder what could possibly work against Messi. There seems to be no one capable of man-marking him, and today showed that a make-shift zonal defense is just no use. Only time can defeat such a spectacular player.

  4. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread

    In one week CL final guys! what do you think' date=' who will get it? for sure very interesting game. barca against the team, which is for me the only one which can win them. great defence and good strikers also, like inter the year before just without the good CMs, sneijder and cambiasso.[/quote']

    Surely the best final in years. This is really a clash of champions. But I just can't help but feel that this game might get a little ugly. One thing's for sure - it won't be boring.

  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Might as well throw in my own two cents, whatever it's worth (about two cents, I believe :P). The situation so far with Hazard puts the Belgian in a rather comfortable likelihood of joining. Of course, with Fabregas probably leaving and his inevitable replacement being Nasri, and with Rosicky also on his way out, the door is open even wider for a Hazard-ous move. See what I did there? ;) I still prefer RvP over Chamakh as striker, contrary to Stuart's post; Walcott providing pace and Hazard technique makes a good mix, and no one to me can replace the Dutchman's lethal finishing.


    Sagna --- Mertesacker --- Vermaelen --- Clichy




    Walcott ----------------------------------- Hazard


  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread


    The guys at the Guardian get it right yet again:

    "Gallas lost the position 14 games into the 2008-09 season, when Fábregas was appointed. Although only 21, the Catalan was clearly the club's outstanding performer. But given that there were already rumours linking him to a return to Barcelona, it was impossible to escape the thought that Wenger had once again given the armband to a player he wanted to flatter into staying.

    "Like Henry and Gallas, Fábregas has not been an effective captain. Injuries have limited his appearances, and he has sometimes tried to return from them too soon."

    We don't need a forward, a goalkeeper, a defender, or a midfielder. We need a leader.

  7. Respuesta: Re: Premiership 2010/2011 Disscussion

    Phil Dowd is a terrible' date=' terrible referee. Should have been two reds in this game so far.[/quote']

    Well, at least he's being consistent. Very lenient, but consistent nonetheless. If he had given Rafael a red and not Carragher it could have been worse.

    Ferguson's got it all wrong in this game. He's let Evra and Rafael go way up the pitch so Liverpool could just waltz up and down the wings.

  8. Respuesta: Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Wow why didnt Rafael get sent off' date=' if that would of been a Liverpool player we'd of been a man down and Skrtel why get involved and put yourself in trouble for the rest of the game[/quote']

    No you wouldn't. Carragher could have gotten sent off (not as likely as Rafael, but still, that was a nasty tackle) but wasn't. I think Phil Dowd was simply being consistent, and is doing very well with that.

  9. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread

    It's a brilliant tactical switch by Wenger. Chamakh is now the striker, allowing Bendtner to move to the right and subsequently Nasri to shift towards the center, where Bardsley can't mark him. Another switch to bring on Ramsey would be great now.

  10. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread

    Bendtner lacks pace, which is something we could use a bit more of, but that hasn't mattered much. I think we just need some better holding midfielders (Denilson's terrible right now and Diaby doesn't seem to have his head in the game yet) to support Wilshere, Arshavin, and Nasri. Get Rambo in! :D

    Sagna's also playing quite inadequately, but at least Clichy has been splendid down the left.

    Can't stop laughing about Nasri going circles around Muntari. Bardsley has been doing well to mark Nasri, though.

  11. Respuesta: Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    To be honest Rosicky is of no use to us anymore' date=' I think he is past it. I wouldnt mind if he went. He is there to replace Fabregas but he never shows he is worthy of even playin decent as an AM. He sometimes plays good but other than that he isnt really up to scratch.[/quote']

    I agree completely. He's hardly a decent replacement for Cesc anymore. His performance Sunday showed that, and so do his stats - his assist today was his third this season for the Gunners, and he scored just one goal in 2010. At 30, it's safe to say that Rosicky should be leaving this summer. Nasri is the easily Cesc's best replacement, but the fact that he is preferred on the wing is problematic; I wouldn't mind Wenger looking for a winger/attacking-mid over the summer. It's a bit optimistic, but I can imagine buying a certain Belgian player of that mold from Ligue 1... ;)

  12. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread

    This' date=' though is a bit worrying:


    Arsenal's chance of winning pretty much drops by about 20% when Cesc is missing. Hopefully, though, the momentum it's been carrying will still lead to a win today. Arsenal's undefeated streak hits a dozen in all competitions if the Gunners triumph today.

    I just had to say it. So many chances, but Arsenal fails to beat the stats. Wilshere had a brilliant performance today. Koscielny and Djourou were actually really good up until the end. Van Persie's little injury had a huge effect. Bendtner and Chamakh, as usual, were slowing the game down dramatically. I don't see why Rosicky stayed on so long, as he was also slowing down the tempo when we needed it most in the second half.

  13. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread

    Interesting analysis from Big Soccer forums:


    And yet Arsenal is still in four competitions and is doing pretty darn well all around.

    This, though is a bit worrying:


    Arsenal's chance of winning pretty much drops by about 20% when Cesc is missing. Hopefully, though, the momentum it's been carrying will still lead to a win today. Arsenal's undefeated streak hits a dozen in all competitions if the Gunners triumph today.

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