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  1. Re: Increased amount of injuries?? Either my club has seen ten blue moons in the last several games or there really is something wrong... No matter how I put my tactics, there's just always some way that subordinate teams have beaten me.
  2. Re: Increased amount of injuries?? I've had this problem too. My 4 best players happened to get injured at about the same time, and one of them keeps getting re-injured everytime. Plus, with the increase in players' likeliness to succumbing to injuries, clubs seem to be "racing" to give other teams more injuries than they themselves due. Plus, these teams aren't even punished enough, as the suspensions don't come as equally easily as the injuries they cause, which means there's a slow inflation in the use of harsh tactics to "out-condition" other teams. SM needs to either decrease the injuries or increase the consequences. Or, they could lower the time that the injuries are in effect at least...
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