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  1. Re: Official Arsenal Thread From Arseblog: "Wolves is already forgotten but it has provided us with an excellent platform going into this game. Newcastle was a blip, and a very large, painful blip at that, but it wasn’t really representative of the current form this team is enjoying. Since the 1-0 defeat at Natalie Portman Road Arsenal’s record is: W – W – W – W – W – W – D – W. Not too shabby at all. "Despite near constant complaints from some fans we’re 2nd in the league, just four points behind United, and right in this title race. We’re in the Carling Cup final. Still in Europe, still in the FA Cup, and for once our injury record isn’t as horrendous as normal. There’s plenty to be positive about and while the idea of Barcelona is a worry to any team I think we’re in much better shape going into these games than we were last season." I think this begs the question: if Arsenal manage to give Barca a hell of a fight, or maybe even win, would it be a big enough boost in morale to win the Premier League title? Scenarios aside, I agree with Arseblogger that Arsenal have a much better shot on Wednesday than last season. Fabregas and Wilshere are in swinging form, Van Persie is joint fourth highest goalscorer in the league despite missing three or four months of the season, Arshavin is regaining confidence, and the center-backs who were intended to be subs at the start of the season are now a pretty solid duo. Smells like progress to me. An interesting thing that I've noticed in the way the team has been playing since Nasri picked up that nasty injury is that more and more chances are being created from not just short, quick passing, but from accurate long balls on the counter-attack. It's a clear change that has probably been prompted by Wenger's understanding that he can't approach Barca the same way he did last season, and by the absence of Nasri, who is often the trigger and mediator of those short passes. It's much more plausible to counter-attack against Barcelona with long, accurate through balls from Cesc and Jack than it is to just waddle around the midfield and consistently turn over possession, which was the case last year.
  2. Respuesta: Re: Official Arsenal Thread Finally someone gives some credit to Djourou. He was insuperable today. Koscielny made a few half-mistakes, but he was also quite solid. Their true test will come when the Barca game comes around. That will also be a huge game for Wilshere.
  3. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread Time for me to take a break from football. I'll see you all next week when we face Wolves.
  4. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread Kudos to Newcastle. I give them props. Huge props.
  5. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread Diaby caps off what was a pretty good performance with a terrific red card...
  6. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread From Gunnerblog's Twitter: "RVP now has ten goals from twelve starts. Arshavin also has another 2 assists for his growing list." Everyone's having a great game I think (except maybe our full-backs, who are getting beaten quite easily...)
  7. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread Finally, Koscielny gets the call-up from Blanc for the friendly against Brazil next Wednesday. Along with him are Clichy, Sagna, and Diaby. Hope Kosc gets to play!
  8. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread Don't see why people ever doubted Koscielny when he was already well known in Ligue 1 as a prestigious defender. I can't believe there are people now saying that he was "discovered" by Wenger when he already had that reputation having been really discovered by Lorient. Nevertheless, great signing by Wenger.
  9. Respuesta: FA Cup What a goal from Dembele. Bassong is terrible lol. Fulham lead 4-0 as Phil Down blows the half-time whistle, headed for what should become their first FA cup victory over the Spuds. Seeing them fail makes me not so upset over Arsenal's scrappy game against Huddersfield. :D
  10. Respuesta: FA Cup All hell is breaking loose at the Craven Cottage. Two penalties, two Fulham goals, and a sending off for Dawson, all in just 14 minutes!
  11. Respuesta: FA Cup Bendtner scores the luckiest goal ever as Arsenal take a 1-0 lead against Huddersfield! Right after two abysmal misses, too.
  12. Respuesta: Re: Graphics Design Feedback Nice' date=' but you should try experimenting with the image effects (brightness/contrast/saturation/balance/etc.) or adding text to make 'em more dramatic. Spent half an hour on this for fun: [img']http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h223/xsuntzux/BendtnerNasrisigcopy-1.jpg[/img] I haven't made a sig in ages!
  13. Respuesta: Re: Official Arsenal Thread I agree he should be sold, but "terrible" is an exaggeration. He's a talented finisher, but he's just not what Arsenal needs right now.
  14. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread The Guardian's all you need. Always deliver real news. The have great writers, too. Jonathan Wilson's a legend.
  15. Respuesta: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread You're kidding me. Gremio beat Schalke 04 3-2. Good thing Dynamo Moskva and Cruzeiro also lost, but Celtic now lead the Div 3 table with by a 3-point margin.
  16. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread Last season Wenger said that if it weren't for his injury problems, RvP would be among the best forwards in the world. To this day, I still refuse to think otherwise.
  17. Respuesta: Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread Jeez, the race for the Div 3 title gets more exhilarating by the day. Schalke now lead the table, but only on goal difference, as they are tied with three other teams! With 6 games still left in the season, every match counts, and the next match is against...
  18. Respuesta: Re: Official Arsenal Thread This is an interesting re-reaction to what most Gunners fans are probably thinking right now about that shocking interview: http://arsenal.theoffside.com/team-news/denilson-will-be-criticized-but-what-if-hes-right.html Worth reading.
  19. Respuesta: Re: Official Arsenal Thread Huge point. Whether everyone likes it or not, Wenger will most likely not be buying a player who is cup tied for the CL. This means he'll probably have to look to some place like Ligue 1 or the Bundesliga for options.
  20. Respuesta: Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 A point worth raising is that Gameiro, despite being nearly as good (albeit much less consistent) as Chamakh was before he left Bordeaux, is far from a "new Chamakh" type of player that many Bordeaux fans probably were hoping for after the Moroccan's departure. Modeste, who's shown to be quite similar to Chamakh, is now going to struggle to get good performances with Gameiro coming in. With Plasil, who with the most assists for Bordeaux appears to be the closest thing to a playmaker right now, not being a Gourcuff-style player, this new Bordeaux has to find a whole new approach if they are to adapt and improve. They can't rely on a highly creative, attacking-minded playmaker (Gourcuff) and a towering, agile lone striker (Chamakh) to handle everything on the attack anymore. Their best offensive players will be (again, if Gameiro joins) a deeper-lying playmaker in Plasil and a less physical, more passing-oriented forward in Gameiro. So the point is, no matter how Tigana chooses to change Bordeaux's line-up when/if Gameiro joins, he will probably have to consider tweaking the team's mentality and playing style.
  21. Respuesta: Virtual Betting Competition Ipswich vs. Arsenal. Arsenal to win 4-0 @ 13/1. Stake: 50 Possible Returns: 800 http://www.paddypower.com/football/football-matches/carling-cup-matches/Ipswich-v-Arsenal-2354248.html Barca vs. Real Betis. Barca to win w/ a +3.0 goal handicap @ 21/10. Stake: 100 Possible Returns: 310 http://www.paddypower.com/football/football-matches/spanish-copa-del-rey/Barcelona-v-Real-Betis-2356067.html
  22. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread Geez, I sure hope Vermaelen doesn't turn up like Rosicky and have a short-term injury to a career staggering one. I'm not even concerned about the center-back problem, I just hope this injury doesn't drag on nor come back in the future. He's too good a player to be injured like this!
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