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  1. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread Why do I see goal.com links on this thread? Has everyone lost it? Goal.com should not be allowed to continue publishing stories if people are actually foolish enough to read the rubbish it pulls out its writers' rear ends.
  2. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread I just got back from a seven-day cruise and I see this: Arsenal 3-1 Chelsea Wigan 2-2 Arsenal Arsenal 3-0 Birmingham I love Arsenal.
  3. Respuesta: The Christmas Thread Merry Christmas to everyone! At least to those living in Europe or Asia. Still only 4 p.m. on Christmas Eve here.
  4. Respuesta: Virtual Betting Competition 21/12/2010 - Evian Thonon Gaillard vs. Reims - Evian to win with a -1.0 goal handicap - 11/5 Stake: 50 Possible returns: 210 http://www.paddypower.com/football/football-matches/french-div-2-matches/Evian-Thonon-Gaillard-v-Reims-2311559.html 21/12/2010 - Lorient vs. Montpellier - Draw - 2/1 Stake: 50 Possible: 150 http://www.paddypower.com/football/football-matches/french-div-1-matches/Lorient-v-Montpellier-2309609.html
  5. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/arsenal.com-has-300-000-twitter-followers?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+arsenal-news+(News+Feed) Hell yeah.
  6. Respuesta: Re: The Christmas Thread I wish it would snow here for once. It's gonna be a rainy Christmas for me. Hopefully it won't be a rainy cruise as well.
  7. It's the most wonderful tiiiime of the yearrrrr! Hey, it's just eight days before Christmas. What's on everyone's wishlist and what are you gonna be doing? Talk about your Christmas here. I'll be going on a cruise to Mexico from the day after Christmas until Jan 2nd. I'm not looking forward to getting any gifts (I never really do), but I'd love to have some good books to read.
  8. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread http://arsenal.theoffside.com/team-news/poll-who-should-be-arsenals-starting-goalkeeper.html The results so far are astounding: Wojo leads with nearly three-quarters of the votes, over Fabianski and Almunia, the latter having just 2 of 63 votes. I myself voted for Fabi, as I don't think we've seen enough of Wojo in the Prem to put him between the sticks. It is a close one, though. Anyway, what makes this all the more interesting is that, before the season started, another poll run by another site showed that most fans preferred Almunia as the hands-down favorite, and Fabianski enjoyed an embarrassing 1% of the votes.
  9. Respuesta: Re: Russia and Quatar, Good or Bad?
  10. Respuesta: Best player in the world Rooney being in the poll was so stupid I voted for him!
  11. Respuesta: Barcelona - Real Madrid 29/11/2010 Shocking tactical decisions by Mourinho... 1) He switched Di Maria and C. Ronaldo? They've been doing so well in their respective positions, so why swap 'em? 2) Benzema in, Higuain out... Don't know what that could have done to benefit Real at all. Looks like Mourinho's just trying too hard to be unpredictable and too little to be reasonable. 3) If you can't beat 'em, beat 'em up; they collected seven yellows and a second yellow for Sergio Ramos. 4) Then the biggest, most rash mistake: an offside trap and a high back line. Inter beat Barca last season almost entirely thanks to a deep back line that just kept containing Barca rather than trying to press and take the ball directly. I guess Mourinho again preferred unpredicability over pure logic and chose to shove his back line miles up the pitch and make it a cakewalk for guys like Villa and Messi...
  12. Respuesta: French Ligue 1 and 2 Exciting day so far. Lille have now gone ahead at Bordeaux with a goal from super Sow. And what a disappointing miss from Beria. Earlier today, Marseilles faced Montpellier in a game that was supposed to be pretty close. Goals from Remy, Cheyrou, Lucho, and Yanga M'Biwa, against his own team, made sure it wasn't - 4-0 for the champions! Meanwhile, Lorient, through Romao and Morel, showed that even Rennes' defense, the best in Ligue 1, is penetrable.
  13. Respuesta: Wilshere or Koscielny This poll is overkill.
  14. Respuesta: Re: Official Arsenal Thread I feel that there's something shaky about how he plays with the ball. He is great at regaining possession, but it seems like he looks more to clear the ball in a hurry or make rather hesitant headers. Could be my imagination, though.
  15. Respuesta: Re: Official Arsenal Thread We have to give Szczeny more time, though, I think. And Fabianski is suffient at the moment. I hope Szczeny gets as much time as possible in the Carling Cup. Would love to see just how good he is at the moment.
  16. Respuesta: Re: Respuesta: Re: Official Arsenal Thread Haha, I think the ref didn't give that because it was such a horrendous handball. Don't think it mattered though. I don't think that was going anywhere. We clearly got a very well deserved victory. Away, as usual.
  17. Respuesta: Re: Official Arsenal Thread JUst rewatched the highlights. On HD. 1. Denilson? You mean Friedel? I think he was the only one handling the ball, and that was to take it out from the back of the net. 2. Who offside? What? When? Huh?
  18. Respuesta: Re: Official Arsenal Thread Carew was offside and Clark's first should have been disallowed. Fair game.
  19. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread Very clever change by Wenger. We're now running a 4-2-3-1 with Denilson and Song able to slow down the Villa attacks. No more options for them.
  20. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread , pessimists. 3-1 for the Arsenal.
  21. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread It's a worrying sight to see Villa opt for a 2-man attack, with Delfouneso coming on for Pires. Now, Koscielny and Squillaci each have a man to mark. This makes it a bit easier for a physical player like Carew to pry free of the CB's. They have to get us on the counter-attack, though. With Song now free because of Pires' departure, we have a DM that can try to cut off the passes to the forwards, but if they catch us high up the pitch and get past Song, we're in danger. On the attack, we now have an extra man in the center midfield, at least.
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