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  1. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread Wonder where the Koscielny doubters have gone. His performance so far is worth some praise.
  2. Respuesta: Re: Official Arsenal Thread Arshavin makes it 1-0. Nasri then misses a great chance, but what a pass from Arshavin!
  3. Respuesta: Re: Your Favourite Ever Film? Finally someone who's seen some REAL movies!
  4. Respuesta: Official Barcelona FC Thread Delighted. My school's soccer team will meet in the coach's classroom midday. I'l be able to watch about half an hour of the game.
  5. Respuesta: Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition)
  6. Respuesta: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition) Why? He's a brilliant player and the most influential one for PSG. Seven goals an a pair of assists already' date=' and he's played a role in all their goals. Without him, they'd probably be playing as badly as last season. I've never sent a ticket before, so wouldn't know. Something tells me it might work, though. I don't agree that Ayew's been that great, though. How can you say that about a player who's not even a 100% starter? He has done well enough for an 87 or more, though.
  7. Respuesta: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition) Don't see why you'd expect a rise for him. He's doing well' date=' but at Lorient, who aren't very consistent, and he hasn't quite pushed for the the national side like some other forwards who are or deserve to be 90. This is so far the only really questionable change SM have made. I guess they just don't care about WC's. I agree that they are quite insignificant, but they're still worth something when a player does that well in them. For the sake of comparison, Ayew is now at the same rating as Kembo-Ekoko, but what's the latter ever done? Ayew should have gotten an 87 at MINIMUM.
  8. Respuesta: French Ligue 1 and 2 Gotta make a mention on Lille right now. It was around this time up until after the Winter Break that Lille went on an emphatic run of form last season, shredding up their league opposition like cheddar. It's the same mastermind, Garcia, steering the ship, but the ship itself is a much improved one. Last season, we saw Gervinho-Frau-Hazard come out as one of the most entertaining attacking forces throughout the season. Frau's form reached a career high; Hazard's potential exploded into sheer talent; and Gervinho proved the signing of the Summer by Garcia. Garcia's men took advantage of a time when many clubs, especially the high-profile Europa League and Champions League sides, were feeling the wear and tear of the season. A very, very fit squad converted physical advantages into massive results that brought Lille to title contention. Now, we may be looking at an even more menacing attack. Gervinho has already scored six and assisted three goals, reflecting his exemplary form in both the right-forward and central forward positions. Hazard is continuing to flourish under Garcia, and showed his sublimity just last week in a stunning performance highlighted by two assists that warranted a match rating of 9/10 from L'Equipe (that's a gargantuan feat, mind you). He's not the only Lille player who's gotten such appraisal. In the 5-2 victory at Caen in which Hazard and Gervinho each got 8/10, hat-trick hero Sow received a 9/10 that reflected how well he's adjusted to this new home. He hasn't missed a single game, and has started in all of Lille's wins (Gervinho and Hazard each missed a win). With nine goals and an assist, the firepower he's added to Lille is astounding. Easily Garcia's new signing of the season, and arguably the best signing made by any Ligue 1 club. The attacking line has been Gervinho-Sow-Hazard predominantly, although having Sow play wide and Gervinho go down the middle has also succeeded. But unlike last season, they have yet another attacking player, a certain Frau who's yet to disappear from the limelight. With three goals in seven starts, he surely is still a presence in the attack and, along with Tulio de Melo, adds depth to this side. Lille are now top of the table. They are level in points with Montpellier, but they have a ridiculous 24 goals to keep them atop on goal difference. Some defensive improvement might be needed, but there is no denying how promising this offense is. To any casual Ligue 1 viewers out there, here's the team to watch for the next two months. Along with the other four in the current top five, of course. EDIT: Before anyone says that Nene joining PSG has been a better signing than Sow joining Lille, I do think that Nene has been an equally influential player, but Sow joined Lille for the price of FREE, and Kombouare had to cough up 5.5 million euros for Nene. Still a hell of a deal, though.
  9. Respuesta: Swap KOSCIELNY for BADSTUBER To the Koscielny critics, I guess you guys didn't watch him play against Spurs last weekend. He was to me better than Squillaci and almost looked like Vermaelen. If you take a look at the stats, in the second half only ONE open play pass made it past the center-backs, and that resulted in a goal, so yes, he does make some dismal mistakes at times, but he definitely does more than just make up for those mistakes. And as Pazz pointed out, this guy was sublime for Lorient just last season. Cut the guy some slack. He's probably got more potential than Badstuber; he's just gotta take some time to find it.
  10. Respuesta: French Ligue 1 and 2 You can definitely get rid of Sako. He might rise by 1 again, but I think this is as far as he'll go at ASSE. As for Riviere, he's not much of a big riser anymore but could have a good future ahead of him. I say hold onto him and we'll see how he does in coming months.
  11. Respuesta: French Ligue 1 and 2 Who said he was? If you read that off my first post' date=' then obviously those are really, really outdated predictions. He has indeed by awful for Lyon and doesn't deserve anything above an 87. He'll only rise based on appearances at the moment. KEEP KITAMBALA. The guy is a starter now for Lorient. Same goes to Gunino, Theophile-Catherine, and Mendy. It's a toss-up for Stambouli. I say you keep him and see how he does hereinafter.
  12. Respuesta: M'vila and Hazard M'Vila definitely up to 88, maybe even 89, for making it all the way to the national side. Hazard has deserved a 90 for so long now. I'll be disappointed if SM don't reward him with it.
  13. Respuesta: Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 Sorry for the triple post haha.
  14. Respuesta: French Ligue 1 and 2 I am quite unclear as to what Haruna's future is going to look like. I don't know exactly when he returned from his recent injury' date=' but it sure was before he played in a league cup game a couple of weeks ago. The subsequent league match, however, he was not even in the bench, and in last week's fixture, he was used as a substitute, for Mendy. It looks like Mendy is ahead of Haruna, but whether Haruna's exclusion from the squad the previous week was due to a minor injury or a tactical decision remains unclear. Cros seems to be the new No. 1, and it sure sucks for Dreyer. He's just gotten the starting spot this season ahead of an aging Richert, and now he's getting relegated to benchwarming duties as this 19-year-old shines.
  15. Respuesta: French Ligue 1 and 2 Well this is what I get for not checking the "next league to be reviewed" bit on the Ratings Changes page on SM. The ratings for about half the teams have gone through before I could post the predictions (in a new thread) I had been working on a couple weeks ago. Stupid, stupid, stupid waste of time This day is going from bad to worse. Sorry to those who might have been hoping for a complete predictions update.
  16. Respuesta: Re: Official Arsenal Thread Hahhaaha I have to admit, that was a good one.
  17. Respuesta: Re: Official Arsenal Thread I'm normally a full-on optimist with Arsenal, even against Barca, but this year's Real Madrid looks a menacing force. God help us.
  18. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread This was a repeat of the Spurs game... Two stupid goals just like the Bale goal last Saturday. This is becoming a habitual thing for our defense. Please get fit Vermaelen. We controlled the ball and outpassed the opposition, yet again we find ourselves bereft of a consistent decent goalscorer. The entire team likes to switch off the engines after 45 minutes and pull the plug after going 1-0 down. Horrible mentality. The only things different about this game were: 1. Bad refereeing 2. Bad refereeing 3. Catastrophic refereeing Nevertheless, still it's the same ****. I think the players have completely forgotten how to win. Oh and by the way, who told Denilson to play sweeper?
  19. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread Does anyone know how much Braga paid the refs?
  20. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread Gotta love Guardian's chalkboards. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/chalkboards/179Cf3H8Bv1TnR004x65
  21. Respuesta: French Ligue 1 and 2 Poor, poor defending from Lyon gives Lens the first goal of the game. And I was just about to praise Diakhate for a strong start to the match. Makoun and Toulalan were also way too far up, as well.
  22. Respuesta: Re: Official Red Devils thread This is the one and ONLY way I think a fan can really be called a glory hunter. Everyone else, again, follows top level clubs because those are the only ones they can stay in touch with. But when you live in Newcastle and you're a Red Devils fan, you have a bit of a problem.
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