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  1. Respuesta: Official Barcelona FC Thread Magnificent win by Barcelona. I had to stop watching after half-time... I was getting tired of seeing them score. Anyway, I'm absolutely P.O.'d about El Clásico being on a Monday and the time zone differences between Europe and the U.S. :mad:
  2. Respuesta: Your best SM Decsion/Deal Busquets for Mongongu + Marecek.
  3. Respuesta: Official Chelsea FC Thread Don't know what's worse - losing to Spurs when 2-0 up, or losing to Birmingham 1-0.
  4. Respuesta: Official Red Devils thread Chicharito saved United from an embarrassing win, really. Can't imagine anyone being happy over winning only 1-0 against 9-man Wigan.
  5. Respuesta: Official Red Devils thread Don't understand United sometimes. They have a two-man advantage, playing at OT, and they're passing the ball like a bunch of 13-year-olds.
  6. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread You first bash Chamakh, then you bash someone else for bashing Chamakh? Who's side you on?
  7. Respuesta: Re: Official Arsenal Thread Oh please, anything but that!
  8. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread The curse of the Emirates strikes again.
  9. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread Fabregas tops a poor performance with a abysmal handball. 8-year-olds could have avoided that, Cesc. On the bright side, van Persie is on for Chamakh.
  10. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/blog/2010/nov/20/arsenal-premier-league-title-spurs Interesting article. The stats presented are delightful to see: I think the only problem left is dealing with those mediocre home games. There's something cursed about the Emirates Stadium...
  11. Respuesta: Re: Premiership 2010/2011 Disscussion Which means Newcastle > Sunderland > Chelsea > Arsenal > Man City > Newcastle?!
  12. Respuesta: Re: Premiership 2010/2011 Disscussion Oh dear god. Oh my, this is terrible! As your sig says, "ignorance is bliss."
  13. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread Great goal from Sagna. Everyone was surely expecting a cross there!
  14. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread 14 minutes in, and not surprisingly, both teams are trying to get each other on the counter-attack. Everton are doing better in midfield, however. I think Nasri will be a key player for us today. Cesc isn't looking so good.
  15. Respuesta: French Ligue 1 and 2 England squad against France for Wednesday: Ben Foster, Robert Green, Joe Hart; Ashley Cole, Rio Ferdinand, Kieran Gibbs, Phil Jagielka, Joleon Lescott, Micah Richards, Chris Smalling , John Terry; Gareth Barry, Steven Gerrard, Jordan Henderson, Adam Johnson, James Milner, Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere, Ashley Young, Gabriel Agbonlahor, Jay Bothroyd :rolleyes:, Andy Carroll, Peter Crouch. The starting XI might look something like this, based on what Domenech - *ahem* Capello - tends to opt for : Hart Richards - Terry - Ferdinand - Cole Walcott - Gerrard - Barry - Milner/Young/Johnson Crouch - Carroll Cole and whoever plays on the left wing may be a threat for Sagna to deal with, especially with Crouch, so our DM's may have to do some work there. Meanwhile, Walcott might just be their biggest threat if utilized correctly, but in any case Clichy is not easy to outrun on the flank. Whoever is lined up in the midfield for England will have not much to do other than play out to the wings, as Diarra and M'Vila together can definitely stop the typical playmaker-destroyer pairing. Not sure how Capello will have his back line play, but I'm sure our attacking players can beat them. Beware the French counter-attack, Capello.
  16. Respuesta: England Squad Announced Can't believe a non-Premier League player is in that squad. What a joke. England, looks like you've got your very own Raymond Domenech. Every nation's gotta have one.
  17. Respuesta: French Ligue 1 and 2 He had a slow start to the season' date=' probably just having problems adjusting to his new home, but now he's doing much better. His physical presence remains threatening, and his confidence has improved since that hat trick against Zilina, but he hasn't quite got his shot accuracy back, a problem that has been bugging him for quite a while now. Like John said, he'll stay at 90 for now. Lopez is in danger of dropping given his below par performances since recovering from his recent injury. Except for a crucial performance against Lille (scoring twice), he hasn't regained his form from last season, and Puel has been opting for Gomis over him recently. Add this to Lyon's ongoing mediocrity and it's quite likely that he'll drop.
  18. Respuesta: Official Liverpool Thread I can't see L'pool even getting in Stoke's box at this rate. The hosts are absolutely determined to win this one and are really looking for that early goal. And there is no way in hell Liverpool can hope to win if they keep trying to beat Stoke in the physical game. Should have found out by now. On the upside, Reina's the best goalkeeper in the Prem right now. The big problem with Stoke's approach is that their stamina's gonna be "stoked" by half-time...
  19. Respuesta: Official Manchester City Thread Don't know who to blame, but what the hell were City doing? 1) The midfielders were continually congesting their own attack, which was why the lost the ball so much: you can't play fluid, fast-paced football when all your players are packed up in the 18. Amateurish play. 2) Birmingham were playing a narrow defense, with their midfielders coming back to make it even more narrow. That left the wings wide open, and what did City do? They sure didn't play into it. The central midfielders failed in that they mainly played down the middle, straight into pressure. That's something you should learn not to do in grade school. When they did play to the wings, the wingers proceeded to ditch the space, preferring to lose the ball than cross it and win. Either they're not playing right or Mancini's plain blind. 3) Tevez came off for Barry. No need to elaborate. This one's all Mancini.
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