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  1. Respuesta: Call of Duty: Black Ops Amazing. Activision are sitting on a mountain of cash right now. MW2 broke the world record as the greatest ever entertainment launch, selling 4.7 million units and bringing in $310 million in 24 hours. In the same time, BO sold 5.6 million, a revenue of $360. However, BO is receiving lower ratings than MW2 did. But those MW2 ratings came long before noobtoobing, boosting, and commando knifing ruined the game...
  2. Respuesta: French Ligue 1 and 2 Some more bad news for Bordeaux. Planus is now ruled out with an injury for six weeks. Just when it was looking like the defense was all Bordeaux had left to rely on. Not trying to jinx them or anything, but they're absolutely doomed if they lose Carrasso now. Their current starting XI does NOT look like a group capable of qualifying even for the Europa League.
  3. Re: Official Arsenal Thread 1' into the game and he's scored. Take that!
  4. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 France squad for friendly with England at Wembley on 17 November Goalkeepers: Hugo Lloris (Lyon), Steve Mandanda (Marseille), Cédric Carrasso (Bordeaux) Defenders: Gaël Clichy (Arsenal), Anthony Reveillère (Lyon), Philippe Mexès (Roma), Adil Rami (Lille), Bacary Sagna (Arsenal), Mamadou Sakho (Paris Saint-Germain), Eric Abidal (Barcelona) Midfielders : Yohan Cabaye (Lille), Alou Diarra (Bordeaux), Yoann Gourcuff (Lyon), Yann M'Vila (Rennes), Florent Malouda (Chelsea), Samir Nasri (Arsenal), Mathieu Valbuena (Marseille) Attackers : Karim Benzema (Lyon), Kévin Gameiro (Lorient), Guillaume Hoarau (Paris Saint-Germain), Dimitri Payet (Saint-Etienne), Loïc Rémy (Marseille) I expect this line-up: Lloris Sagna, Rami, Mexes, Clichy Diarra, M'Vila Nasri/Valbuena, Gourcuff, Malouda Benzema
  5. Respuesta: French Ligue 1 and 2 Interesting bit from Ligue 1 Statattack: And Diarra is an aging player, whose current replacement is the incompetent Fernando Menegazzo, also past his peak. More problems for Tigana to deal with.
  6. Respuesta: Re: Official Arsenal Thread I don't think that's the problem. At Bordeaux, he played alone and scored headers for fun. But there, he had a great pair of full-backs that could cross the ball, and a playmaker that was always fit and could take set-pieces like another Beckham. On top of that, the wingers were also capable, consistent players. Arshavin and Nasri are great players, but they aren't great at sending in crosses. Ultimately, it's hard to effectively use a tall player like Chamakh when you don't have players that can get the ball into the box. It's also a problem of Premier League defenders, as they are literally a league beyond Ligue 1 defenders in terms of physique.
  7. Respuesta: Re: Respuesta: French Ligue 1 and 2 Works for me. Or you can go with a Veetle plug-in. Can't seem to find any Ustream/JustinTV streams nowadays. I assume they're now regulating video content more?
  8. Respuesta: French Ligue 1 and 2 Jesus Christ. I don't care who you are. You must see PSG - Marseille. It's 2-1 now after just 22 minutes. Erding put PSG ahead early, then a beautiful Xavi-esque lob sent Hoarau in to nutmeg Mandanda. Lucho surged up to slam home a ball that Edel had fumbled from a Gignac shot. Mesmerizing play in between the goals. Great finish to an action packed weekend of French football. Here's a good link: http://atdhe.net/27728/watch-psg-vs-marseille
  9. Respuesta: Re: Official Liverpool Thread Yes, SM Forum is homophobic like that. But then again, there are probably a lot of bigger homophobes on the forum, so it's like fighting fire with fire.
  10. Respuesta: Official Liverpool Thread Glad to see Torres still has it in him. And to see Chelsea losing. If Arsenal can't win, nor can Chelski!
  11. Respuesta: Re: Respuesta: Re: Respuesta: Re: Respuesta: Re: Best playmaker in the wor
  12. Respuesta: Re: Best playmaker in the world (2010)..
  13. Respuesta: Re: Respuesta: Re: Respuesta: Re: Best playmaker in the world (2010).. So, what's a playmaker?
  14. Respuesta: Re: Setting Up A Website - Need Writers. It's been a while now (a month in fact). Any idea when things might get back on track, if ever?
  15. Respuesta: Re: Respuesta: Re: Best playmaker in the world (2010).. Do you know what a playmaker is?
  16. Respuesta: Re: Best playmaker in the world (2010).. And you've obviously not read the title of the thread if you think Casillas is a playmaker.
  17. Respuesta: Call of Duty: Black Ops Some points about the one-hour multiplayer vid: 1) Whoever playing it at the beginning ("John" as he is called) is awful. Or perhaps the sensitivity of the game and whatnot gives it a different feel. We'll see. Edit: Nevermind, the girl is wayy better... 2) Flamethrower attachment looks useless. 3) Rolling Thunder airstrike seems to be a B-52 carpet bombing. Whoever used it in the Nuke Town part of the video got a good 6 or 7 kills in one bombing. That better take 9 or 10 kills to get to, or it's just ridiculous! 4) Looks like explosive weapons are a bit weaker (as seen in the gun game). Good considering the amount of explosive weapons in this game... 5) I already love sharpshooter. 6) MW2 quick-scopers will suffer.
  18. Respuesta: Re: Official Arsenal Thread Same thing I thought when I first noticed there was a Red Devils thread a month ago. :p
  19. Respuesta: The reality... does not exist? Brilliant idea, brilliantly presented. The forum needs more people posting this kind of stuff. I find this new view of reality very believable. All the evidence there makes sense, and it explains just about every peculiar phenomenon mankind has sought to explain, from scientists to the average daydreamer. There are a few (actually many) points that I want to mention... 1) Divinity. It is stated and well-explained in the above article that the mind and all other minds and objects in what now turns out to be a purely subjective reality are all the same thing. This means that the information that determines the color of a rose or the size of a pebble is in fact the same information that dictates the workings of the human mind. If everything is connected like though, transpersonal phenomena as described above are possible via the undeniable transitive property: namely, that if a equals b and b equals c, a must in turn equal c. However, if it can apply to interpersonal relationships, surely connections can form between a person and an object. This is how telekinesis, such as bending spoons, as Talbot mentions, may be possible - because anything in the universe can control another, and vise versa. But this implies the possibility that a single mind can control much more than spoons and forks. If reality is in fact just a superhologram, and that all the information in it can be sent any way, there would have to be some way, albeit a difficult way, to control all things with the mind alone. Could there, then, be the possibility of divinity through somehow harnessing reality? 2) Paranormal Phenomenon. Finally, an explanation for the supernatural? Under the circumstances of a holographic space-time, could poltergeists, demons, ghosts, and spirits be finally explained? From what I understand about apparitions, they exist in various forms, but primarily as entities unidentifiable under the visible light spectrum, at least most of the time, and that they are often "visible" as regions of warm or cold air and high electromagnetism strangely described as humanoid in shape and size. I believe that if indeed the above theory that all reality is but a projection of information in the form or energy and matter, it would be reasonable to attribute paranormal phenomena to peculiar, never-before-observed anomalies occurring in the communication between our perceivable reality and the source of all information. I'm not sure if the following explanation is logical or not, but I'll give it a try: Assuming that humans and all things around us are all the same, that we are in fact indivisible entities simply projected as separate entities, it could be that apparitions are merely mis-projections, quirks in the holographic continuum conjured by humans themselves. It is already stated that under this model of reality communication is possible between the mind and its surroundings. Could it be that ghosts really are just figments of our imagination, projected as if they were stuck between reality and non-existence? If information can dictate how the world works, the forming of apparitions could well be the result of deceased individuals accidentally projecting their specters onto reality. Sounds whack, and it may be straying a bit too far from scientific reason, though... 3) Fundamental Forces of Nature. Under the predominant model of an objective reality, four fundamental forces are believed to dictates the workings of a four-dimensional space-time: gravity, electromagnetism, and weak and strong nuclear force. How do you see the superhologram model of reality affecting our understanding of these natural forces? Could there be additional forces to these? For long, physicists have debated the possibility of a Theory of Everything that would unite our understanding of all four forces, but that Theory of Everything has been quite near impossible to discover given currently accepted models of the universe. Perhaps there may be no forces at all, and that all the workings of universe can be united under some principle arising from this hologram theory? 4) Reinventing the Wheel. It seems almost scary that there could be a source of all information that exists in the universe, that everything that has happened, is happening, and will happened, is dictated by the projection of a natural source. But it shouldn't be - man has long been looking for a substitute for the idea of an omniscient, omnipresent God. String theory, genetic engineering, and and now alternative takes on what reality is have all been poking at the haunting feeling that science is merely reinventing the image of God. Scary though indeed? Just something that I took note of while reading the article. I probably can think of many more things to say, but I'll leave it at that for now and maybe come back to this later.
  20. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread Happy with the win. Frustrating, frustrating, and frustrating game, but a win nonetheless. Kudos to Green, though. Plenty of lucky moments, but also a host of splendid saves.
  21. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread I have no problem with Wenger admitting that he has to take the Carling Cup seriously. I would be pleased with us winning it, as I would have been two years ago. I do not think he is a hypocrite, or as one stupid BBC (was it?) journalist put it, that he is desperate. It's a change of heart. He's changed his mind. He used to think one way, now he thinks a different way, because he wants Arsenal to win something. It's not hypocrisy. If I wake up tomorrow and think that football isn't that great a sport after all, I'm not a hypocrite. I just changed my mind. It's not desperation. If I wake up tomorrow and decide to take my English class a bit more seriously than I did before, I'm not desperate. I'm determined. I hate how desperate some critics are to shoot down managers and players just to satisfy their obsession with saying the most cynical sh*t about them. They're also hypocrites if they are claiming to be impartial about any of the stuff they say. I hate to use such strong language, but I that one claim about Wenger being desperate for showing that he wants his team to win something just pushed it too far.
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