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  1. Respuesta: Re: Official Octopus Discussion Thread Strong words. The Media sure is good at making a hungry octopus more important than hungry orphans.
  2. Respuesta: French Ligue 1 and 2 I think the two main factors delaying Puel's imminent departure have been: 1) As pathetic as Lyon are in the league, they have done really well in the Champions League, and the board, upon bringing in Puel, expected him to do just that - it's just that they hoped that he would prolong their Ligue 1 dominance WHILE finding success in the Champions League. Instead, he's pretty much put everything into the CL and almost nothing into Ligue 1, quite to the misery of the ambitious board. Now they are being persuaded to keep him because he is the only one who's ever provided anything for Lyon in the way of CL football. It's a bad reason to keep him, though - if a strict commitment to the CL comes at the cost of being too "tired" (in Puel's words) to beat ARLES-AVIGNON of all sides, it's just NOT worth it. It's just too iffy to hope that Puel gets somewhere in the CL. Get him out and work on regaining dominance in Ligue 1, or keep him and get nothing. 2) Looking for a replacement capable of living up to Aulas' expectations is a difficult task. After all, the last Lyon manager was sacked for a lack of CL progress, despite winning in the league. God knows who Lyon could pick out to manage them next. This is probably the only good reason he hasn't left yet, but a very good one nonetheless. Rijkaard has really been the only suggestion, but he has done an awful job at Galatasaray.
  3. Respuesta: Re: Official Real Madrid Thread
  4. Respuesta: The Hype Machine LCD Soundtrack (band) Never heard of this guy until I saw his name in the Latest and Popular lists. I was mesmerized when I heard first "All my Friends." For comparison, imagine the Strokes, but with more lively-sounding vocals (though oddly, with quite a similar voice) and leaning a bit toward Stereophonics-esque in terms of the instrumentals. At times, his calmer songs sort of remind me of Radiohead. Locksley Easily the most underrated band in the rock genre at the moment. They aren't the best by far, but its shocking how little attention they have gotten for their talent.
  5. www.hypem.com This is easily the MUST SEE site for all music junkies. It is simply put a place that presents music blogged by fellow musical enthusiasts around the world. The Hype Machine follows countless music blogs and posts music they review to keep music-hungry people up-to-date with new bands, albums, singles, remixes, etc. See this simple yet magnificent site for yourselves! I'm going to continually post some great tracks I find on this site here. Hopefully, the Hype Machine catches on and everyone will discover new bands to their preference.
  6. Respuesta: Re: Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread Well in this game, Chamakh was mediocre. His biggest contribution was drawing a foul leading to a red card. Significant, but not as much as everyone else. I think Fabianski deserves a lot of credit after this match. After about 60 minutes, I was convinced that City's only way to win the game was by injuring Fabi. From the start, he was swift, agile, and determined. And to think that only a tiny, tiny, tiny contingent of Arsenal fans had voted in a poll that he should be starting for us (even I was guilty of supporting Almunia ). Djourou looked really shaky at first, but he and Squillaci overall were alright. Thankfully, that fat blue beach ball rolling around the pitch (I think its name was "Tevez") was incapable of penetrating the back line. Clichy and Sagna were splendid. Clichy could have been beaten 100 times in one run, but will still come back looking to get that ball. Sagna strung in some good crosses today. Improvement. Song had a horrid start, missing tackles and making some rash challenges, but after the half-time interval, everything turned out alright, and he even scored a goal. Fabregas didn't have a good day, but he was still a driving force for us and actually took some pressure off the others, as the City DM's seemed to go onto the pitch all marking him. That let Nasri go almost unmarked most of the time. Boy, did they pay for that.
  7. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread Bendtner with a late goal. Brings back memories from his great run of form last season. Oh, and worth noting is that Bendtner has done more in five minutes than Chamakh had in 85 . Can't wait for the guy to get back to it. Nice to see Walcott back too.
  8. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread Disappointed in a lot of wasted chances (typically caused by overpassing) today, but it's 2-0 now thanks to Song, who is doing much better now. I do tip my hat off to City, though - they have played the whole 90 minutes as if they had had 11 men on the pitch.
  9. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread Song is having an awful game. This is a really physical game, and I there could well be another red coming up...
  10. Respuesta: Official Arsenal Thread Wonderful, yet typical goal from Nasri. And I'll say this now since I don't think enough people realize it: Arshavin may blunder a lot, but he is nevertheless one of our best players. Not a good dribbler of the ball, but a great passer.
  11. Respuesta: Official Red Devils thread Great goal by Tuncay. Don't see why United were trying to just sit back and stick with 1-0 when Stoke were trampling over them, winning almost every challenge. Had to be 1-1 eventually.
  12. Respuesta: Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Assuming that world class means not being able to perform at the international stage and having a very unprofessional attitude, yes he is world class. As is your inability to accept others' opinions.
  13. Respuesta: French Ligue 1 and 2 An 89 is average for a starter at Marseilles' date=' so there is no way he could rise just based on that move alone, but the sub appearances are helpful. Still, he has to actually do well at Marseilles if he is to solidly get a 90. One or two short sub appearances, even for Les Bleus, are not enough. Certainly. He's been one of the best midfielders for Lorient so far.
  14. Respuesta: Pjanic and Aly Cissokho rating? Pjanic won't, unfortunately. He's been out of form for a long time now, and he now has to compete against Gourcuff for a spot in the starting XI. As for Cissokho, a 91 is definitely possible, but given Lyon's horrid defensive record this season, it's not going to happen just yet.
  15. Respuesta: French Ligue 1 and 2 Hérold Goulon, after being released from Le Mans over the Summer, has signed a two-year deal with Blackburn. A move to the Premier League is a great move for any defensive midfielder. Now hopefully Corchia finds a better home as well...
  16. Yes, there is already a thread - Anti Rooney, in the International Football Forum - on the subject. This is just to have a poll on it, which I think would be nice.
  17. Respuesta: Anti Rooney I was going to post this as a new thread with a poll until I saw this. I think it would be great to have a poll on the issue. Wayne 'Roo' in a Catch-22 It's another tormenting day of the ongoing Rooney Saga, and the future for Rooney still remains as bleak as the weather in England. Recent reports that Wayne Rooney and Sir Alex Ferguson have both confirmed the despairing striker's intention of leaving. Rooney, however, is now caught in a perplexing dilemma: departure, although seemingly imminent at this point, begs the question of where the Manchester United striker could possibly end up, while remaining at his current club is impossible given the messy situation he and all involved have been entangled in. This will perhaps be the most defining moment of his still budding career. The Situation... Seven months have past since Wayne Rooney has last scored a goal for Manchester United from open play. On top of that, a lackluster World Cup performance further accentuated his freefalling form, a decline begun upon his return from an ankle injury suffered against Bayern Munich last March. Off the pitch, a multitude of recent events have besmirched the 24-year-old's reputation even more, and the striker has been pushed just enough by the press, the club, and his own game to finally jump ship. When Ferguson's recent claims that Rooney was carrying a slight ankle injury were denied by Rooney himself, the relationship between the player and manager began to give way. Later, Rooney stated to the press that he had refused to renew his contract with United, on the basis that the Red Devils, to him, were incapable of winning trophies in its current state. That is quite a justified rationalization, as fans, pundits, and whatnot this season have come to doubt United's chances as title contenders, given their questionable squad and Sir Alex Ferguson's traditional transfer methods. With the Scot having brought in just three players, none of whom appear to be making a profound impact on the club's success like Rooney was (although Hernandez has been a splendid signing on Fergie's part), and with the current top players in the squad too aged to have a sustained impact hereinafter. Option 1 - Stay at United... Rooney's insistence on not renewing his contract, which currently ends in 2012, has spiraled into a desire to leave the club immediately. Ferguson now has to choose to either desperately attempt to retain Rooney at Old Trafford or to get rid of the guy as soon as possible and for the greatest profit possible. Although Ferguson believes that Rooney would not be able to find a better home than in Manchester United, it is impractical for Rooney to remain at Manchester United. With the media scrutinizing his every breath made on and off the pitch, his performance on the pitch may take too much time to return to his spectacular form in past seasons. The fallout with Ferguson will also add to his troubles; losing favor can only aggravate the difficulty in proving himself before the January transfer window. A third point is that Rooney's "betrayal" has earned him the hatred of a wide range of fans, among them those who had never doubted his United career before this episode. Option 2 - Leave... So, if he cannot stay, Wayne Rooney must go. Departure at first appears to be an easy process for the striker from a Manchester United perspective. Article 17 of the FIFA Rules and Regulations states that a player under the age of 28 at the time he signed his contract is capable of terminating that contract after a "protection period" of three years. Come this Summer, if he does not encounter a change of heart, Rooney will most definitely put an end to his time at Old Trafford, at the cost of a £5 million fee plus a compensational fee. If he does not, it will be only because he has already left in the January window. Ferguson needs to remove Rooney from the equation if Rooney refuses to commit to the team. Although his ability is inarguably mesmerizing and captivating to say the least, Rooney has brought just too much media scrutiny to United and has left Ferguson restless as he muses relentlessly over Wayne's future. SAF in the past has not come off as the type to tolerate so much controversy in an issue irrelevant to football. If Ferguson intends on reverting his attention to the team, to the squad, and to actual success, he has to relief himself and United of the problem. The only way to do that is to get Rooney out, if a contract cannot be agreed on, and for as much money as he can, so as to utilize the profits for the sake of the club. But this is where the trouble arises: where lies Rooney's destination? A number of major European clubs have been named possible prospective homes to the forward, with little to support any claim that he will actually end up at one of them. Manchester City are the current favorites, simply because Rooney does not need to learn a new language, buy a new home, or adapt to a vexingly different style of play. At City, however, on top of Roberto Mancini's blunt rejection of any Rooney-related gossip, Tevez is doing perfectly fine. Introducing a rowdy, trophy-seeking forward would only cause trouble in the squad. Jose Mourinho's Real Madrid are in need of another forward, and they, like City, are capable of finding the cash (albeit obviously from bank loans) to bring in a player of such high caliber. Mourinho probably even likes the guy, and he was around Rooney enough during his time at Chelsea to understand him. However, he is just not the type of forward Real Madrid need. Mourinho would most likely set out to buy a tall, aerial striker like Spanish international Llorente, not the English-style forward that Rooney is such a perfect model of. Another problem arises: a move to Spain would mean a drastic change in Rooney's playing mentality that English players have not had the best of luck with in the past. This is not yet considering the difficulties of living in Spain after having settled so well in Manchester. The third rumour actually worth mentioning is the Chelsea link. Although Drogba remains one of the top forwards in the world, he, along with the rest of the Chelsea starting XI, is heading over his peak. Chelsea are an aging team, and Rooney could fill the gap between their aging veterans and still inexperienced prospects. The problem is, again, incompatibility. Rooney is not the skyscraper of a player Drogba presents himself as on the pitch, and although the Ivorian is only going to decline in coming seasons, Rooney will probably remain sidelined until Drogba actually begins to show vivid signs of degradation. And a Rooney-Drogba partnership is impossible with Chelsea's three-forward apprach to the game. In addition to all these reasons, there are still the issues of discipline and form. Wayne Rooney's attitude, especially during torrid times such as now, is a difficult thing to handle. If Ferguson's man-managing skills cannot control him, who and what can? His disciplinary problems have always haunted him and everyone around him, and whoever he joins has to be prepared to board a plethora of emotional roller coasters. Also, that future manager must consider the uncertainty of his future in terms of form. Nothing currently guarantees anyone that Rooney can play anywhere in anyway. Given how the last seven horrendous months have panned out, though, it is probable that he find trouble in regaining his form the moment he leaves. Managers like Mourinho and Mancini know better than not to regard such matters. Where to, Roo? So he can't leave as well. Where is his future then? Staying at Manchester United only culminates into more grave situations and complicates things at the club; but leaving them seems impossible if no one can or wishes to open the door to him. Overall, regardless of how the saga unfolds, it is inarguable that Rooney is riding down a slippery slope. His career, at least for the next season or two, is in dire peril, and the result of this tumultuous episode in his life cannot possibly be a positive one. However, I believe it is best that he leaves United at once, if they are aiming to pick up the pace after a sluggish start to the season.
  18. Respuesta: French Ligue 1 and 2 In yesterday's Champions League action, Marseilles grabbed their first three points in the group stage after a 1-0 win against Zilina, Diawara's goal the only one in the match. L'OM now stand third in their group, three points behind Spartak Moscow and six behind group leaders Chelsea. Auxerre visited the Amsterdam Arena, where they were defeated 2-1 by Ajax. Although Birsa found the back of the net from a free-kick, his goal was no enough to negate De Zeeuw's and Suarez's splendid strikes. Things later melted down and Oliech was dismissed after receiving a second yellow for a handball, while Mignot was sent off before even coming onto the pitch. Later, Lyon will host Benfica as they look for their third consecutive victory in the Champions League. Toulalan will be the only absentee, replaced obviously by Gonalons. On Thursday, Lille and PSG will be playing in the Europa League: Lille host Bulgarian outfit Levski Sofia, while PSG travel to Borussia Dortmund. Lille have yet to win in their group, where they currently sit fourth after accruing just one point from a possible six. PSG, meanwhile, have only played one match in their club, and it was an easy 2-0 victory at home to Karpaty Lviv.
  19. Respuesta: Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 I'm sure Bordeaux will see how well he does throughout the season before making a decision, rather than committing to one right now. But it seems quite likely that he will return to Russia, and I think Modeste is the better of the two and that Bordeaux will be able to find another forward if necessary by January or Summer.
  20. Respuesta: Re: Official Liverpool Thread A good pair of wingers today could have won the game for Liverpool. If you're losing out in the center, you have to have effective, productive wingers to play the ball to and pick out crosses with. Cole and Maxi Rodriguez had dismal displays today. Of course, you can't deny how well Everton are defending right now.
  21. Respuesta: Re: Official Liverpool Thread Looks like Gerrard's taking a deeper role to form a 4-4-2, then. Together with Everton's equivalent change in formation, this means even more pressure should be taken off the midfielders. The biggest question, though, is how either Torres or N'Gog can get anywhere against such an organized back line.
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