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  1. anyone knows why i cant offer my players new contracts i want to increase their morale ,but my new season started with my nott forest top div after 2 hard season ,and in my next season i cant offer them new contracts ,any ideas ??? thankx ,,
  2. Re: Transfer Prices i think players prices from unmanaged teams are expensive ,u pay over 4mil extra for a player rated 90 and over ,i just got promoted to first div ,but cant buy no more than 2 players ,dont look the likes of chelsea or man utdd etc,,, and when i have a bid from my players from unmanaged team its lower than the value of my team ,soo the thing is small teams can never really win the premier ,,first not enough money second expensive players ,third ,big teams buy them all ,as they do have money ,,and they expect to sell them twice the value ,and we are f.....d for reall any help???
  3. Re: 6 points dropped all season first well done reall good, what was the rating of your team??if u are -2mil ,
  4. Re: Besart Berisha so whats funny about it>?????? its been many times u been mentioning ALBANIA and ALBANIAN players and people with .have u got a problem with albanians ,or u think you are better?? or do better than them?? .before laughing with someone check your self first ,,it looks like u just a little school boy,,take it from me dont rush to much hold your horses ,,, its better:mad:
  5. i think SM is going to fast creating many set ups ,,and ofcourse u will come up will a lot of problems ,,in year and half a belive..i seee many set ups,, now people start to love this game a lot willing to jumb to gold player ,but just when we start loving it ,its getting in my nervs with those process and maintence.u need bigger much bigger engines for those set ups ,,no game on line that i know has expanded so much ,,now everyone keeps quiting teams ,,all set ups are getting half emty ,,,,sorry if i up set anyone just my opinion ,if u cant manage it big dont make it big..quality its always better than quantity ,,,
  6. Re: Besart Berisha we are talking about football dont forget
  7. besi

    Franky Lampard

    Re: lampard overated no way lampard at 93 ,com onnnnnnnnnn he is one of the best middl in world ,10 goals 11 assists ,this season which is the worst for him ,,,tell me another midd who has done better than lambard ,appart from cristiano ronaldo ,it is a winger...,he is very claver player ,96 its fine for me they will no lampard player anymore ,why ...has stiven zherald done better than lamaprd this season?or seasons before ,look go by satistics i like zherald 2 ,but he has not won EPL tittle ,and he is 97 ,,and lampard won twice the EPL and he has to drop the ratings ,just becouse chelsea finished 2cnd, remember lampard was the only midd player for chelsea this season ,with essien playing in deffence most of the season ,okkkkkkkk.. Ballck out of style and didnt play many games ,makalele dind play many games ,lampard was the only one played them all he kept chelsea midd a live this season ,with who ?? with mikel jon obi ,,,,he is outstanding player ,dont desrve to drop...
  8. Re: Help my team! i think u got very good team .dont need to buy any other players ,,only if a good player will be sold for cheap than buy him, otherwise dont buy any ,my tip to you will be ,make sure all your players are in a superb morale , dont change team a lot keep the same players ,try 4-1-3-2 play middle ,passing direct use play maker ,,,,,, and check your opponents tactics ,,, and have fun;)
  9. Re: Polish the best player! was watching him play ,and i think Dante is right ,this guy has got quality he will be one of the stars of poland and he will do well in any club he goes ,one to keep an eye on
  10. we appreciate their work ,but they got to appreciate ours too.
  11. Re: toooo expensive but u see. the i payed 5.5 mil extra ofcourse on vqalue not cash ,and martins is in unmanaged team ,so,, should have been accepted,no?
  12. look i made a bid for martins to unmanaged team ,martins is valued 8.4,so.. i made a bid ,3.2mil+a 86 rated player worth 5mil+an 87rated player worth 5.7mil.so the total is ,13.9mil, so.. by the value its 5mil more than hes value ,and got rejected ,how much more they want???
  13. com on he should be 96 ,he is not only a GK he is a centre half to ,com we all know that real didnt have good CB ,but they had casias ,he is in the top 3 young aaaGK ,bufon ,chech ,and casias,
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