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  1. Agreed entirely, it's like other detailed stats such as height; in my experience it seems to have no significant impact whatsoever regarding tailoring tactics to suit minor edges that you look to exploit. For instance there have been times where I use a guy up front who's 6"3+ like Dzeko and he has been up against Mascherano - one of the smallest players in the game who can be used in the CB position and we have had no joy whatsoever from crosses after watching text commentary. It seems that the only factors that the engine takes into consideration are your formation, ratings & condition
  2. Re: Scottish Championship 1 - Season #28 with Rangers, a tactical analysis right... ok.
  3. ID: 10575 At the moment, 19/20 spots in the 1st Division are taken.... ..but only around 1/3rd of spots in the 2nd Division have been taken, so it would be great if you could add to the enthusiastic, friendly, funny and pretty intelligent array of managers that we're lucky to already have here. The top 2 divisions have notoriously been incredibly tight and exhilarating, where there is a pretty even spread regarding the best players in the game, so it's not like 2-3 teams hog all of the best, it's quite the opposite To support this, you will find that I took 2nd Division Burnley to automati
  4. Re: Players' condition. Does it matter?
  5. Re: Tactics Help Please I've guided my side to a few trophies by going with 4-2-3-1, hard/attacking/mixed/down both flanks/fast/all over + tight marking offside trap use target man It never lets me down If your opponents might match you up with 4231 then do 4-3-3 wingers w/ hard/v.attacking/mixed/DBF/fast/all over + counter/men behind ball/playmaker/target man And if they do 4-3-3 wingers, go 5-4-1 default w/ counter/men behind ball/target man
  6. Re: Scottish Championship 1 - Season #28 with Rangers, a tactical analysis Hey man, I don't know if you recall, but a few months ago I replied to your match report to discuss the impact of red cards, and I was a bit sceptical about the engine. Well now I'm absolutely convinced that red cards make no significant difference whatsoever. I was losing 1-0, 11 v 11, 20mins later I'm down to 9 men and end up winning 3-1 (go figure), and to bolster my claims (as well as adding to the hilarity of the situation), I remember a specific attack where my CAM (Pastore - red carded at this point), was cros
  7. Re: Squad Opinions UPDATE! 89 - Begovic 78 - Martinez 90 - Danilo Luiz 89 - De Sciglio 90 - Kolarov 88 - Ghoulam (sold Moreno to get him' date=' young talented LB) 90 - Ranocchia 89 - Mangala 89 - Smalling 88 - Schar 90 - Henderson 89 - Carvalho 89 - Schneiderlin 88 - Wanyama 90 - Pastore 90 - Coutinho 90 - Roberto Firmino 89 - Tadic 89 - Sterling 89 - Barkley 89 - Sigurdsson 88 - Thauvin (Marseille, young star) 90 - Lukaku 88 - Morata 86 - Mitrovic (Anderlecht, young 20 y/o, 6"3, talented striker) + 84 - Charlie Austin (very cheap, 25 and he will deff rise so w
  8. Re: Memphis Depay Dilema I'm surprised that you are having all this success by just using one system. If that was me (I also rate Depay btw) I would look to rotate players to keep them fresh and change my system to 4-3-3 wingers to present the opportunity to put him on left/right flank, and see how he plays. When you take him back out of the side, you can go back to 5-3-2. 4-3-3 wingers hard/very attacking/mixed/down both flanks/fast/all over counter attack/men behind ball/play maker/target man use depay as playmaker & set piece taker for the best results
  9. I couldn't help but take a look at some of the match reports in my league. Some managers instruct their team to play men behind behind the ball, whilst pressing all over the pitch, and still manage to win comfortably. To me, this makes no sense whatsoever. (Pretty amusing imo) Think about it, you're telling every player to get behind the ball and defend deep, but at the same time you want them to press all over? Not only is this counter-productive, but it's totally impossible to perform! They're two polar opposites, yet these instructions seem to work fine simultaneously. Anybody?
  10. Re: Counter formations I don't really agree with posting squads in a thread which is specifically regarding counter formations. Also, the team selection isn't that relevant, it's not hard to pick the best players for their respective positions. It's the tactics which are most important. It's not a dig at you personally, I'm annoyed at everyone who has done the same thing. Vs 4-3-3 wingers I win a lot of games w/ 5-4-1 the team instructions are all normal/mixed for playing style, I like 'counter attacks', 'men behind ball' & 'target man'
  11. Re: Scottish Championship 1 - Season #28 with Rangers, a tactical analysis Next Opponents: 4-2-3-1 (attacking mentality) For a while, I was having some joy with 4-3-3 wingers, going down both flanks and counter attacking. However recently I'd lost a couple of games and they were quite one-sided vs similar strength sides. This time I plan on switching it up with a defensive 5-4-1, placing emphasis on my fullbacks being disciplined and going backwards more often than not, whilst overcrowding the middle of the park in order to dominate possession. Would love to get your thoughts on this. D
  12. Re: Scottish Championship 1 - Season #28 with Rangers, a tactical analysis Nice result. I also noticed that you mentioned the sending off. I must admit, from experience, sending offs make absolutely no significant difference to the flow of matches. If we're dominant and calling the shots, and then my player goes in studs showing out of the blue and gets his marching orders, we remain dominant and sometimes go on to score a couple more! Interested to get your thoughts on this.
  13. Next game is vs a team who has been in really good form with 5-2-3, and I have no clue what works against that system. However what I can establish, is that 4-3-3 wingers failed, and 5-3-2 sweeper failed. Their instructions are normal tackling attacking mixed passing mixed attacking fast press own half + counter attack play offside use play maker thanks
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