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  1. Re: we will bring this game to number 1 of the strategy of football games played online Well Sidney Is The New Player Of The Team Of Benfica He Play The Last Game Of Benfica Against Psg Yesterday
  2. New Player In Benfica Full Name: Sydney Rechel da Silva Junior Position: Defense Center Date of Birth: 23-06-1989 Height (Mt): 1.85 Weight (kg): 80 Nationality: Brazilian THIS AND ONE MORE PLAYER OF THE PLANTEL BENFICA HOW TO METE FINISHED FOR TO GET A TEAM
  3. We can do that with this game is a game of strategy of football played more online you may mandarmos emails to our friends for our videos on youtube a task only if all we take this game for 1 st place in the championship games of strategy football online also add to the game sites like filefront fileplanet gamespot
  4. Personnel I just want to learn to play and who knows in a one months to one tareia who called me a noob tareia in the right direction in a football match with my team fleuribelle wonder the truth is there will be someone in the forum which is Portuguese?
  5. Re: i cant start the game então quer dizer que tenho de esperar até ao dia 6 de agosto para realizar o jogo? E o que faço até lá á maneira de treinar os jogadores nas tactica que eu quero que eles joguem then to say that I have to wait until August 6 to hold the game? And what I do until then the way to train the players on the tactics that I want them play
  6. is my first game i dont now start the game i choose my team and tactic and i select the squad i have game at 6the of august í`am at 3th of august and i cant advance to the next day hellp me
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