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  1. Re: New Improvements My screen is now completely messed up. Could SM please fix this? Also, news feed is way too small!
  2. Re: Help: Pornographic Picture and Rampant Cheating Unfortunately, it won't let post in that section saying I don't have permission.
  3. I posted a topic the other day about reporting a pornographic pic. I appreciate everyone's feedback, and I reported the image. This was over a week ago, and SM has yet to take action. I have been in the same game world for appx. 7 years. For almost the entire time, I managed Real Madrid. There has been rampant cheating in which the manager who has a pornographic pic as his profile pic controls 4 teams and makes transfers between the teams that are obviously illegal. The funny thing is, is that AC Milan the team I now control, was his 5th team until he was removed from management. He is the only person that speaks French in our league, and those 4 teams he controls do as well. In the past, he has made racial slurs toward multiple managers, and should be removed from all his teams. SM finally removed him from one, and they wont from the rest of his teams. Does anyone have any connections so that this guy is barred from not just World Championship 103, but the entire site. B
  4. Re: Cheating and Pornographic Pic (Game World 103) I couldn't figure out how to do that. Could you please point me in the right direction.
  5. I really hope this reaches SM's management. I've been in GW103 for 7 yrs now with the same team until last week. I switched teams finally because you removed the manager that I took over for, for cheating. The only problem is, that he was cheating with at least 5 teams. He still has accounts under Everton, Mallorca, and Atletico Madrid. Under one of these accounts, his profile picture is that of a *****. Please have this manager removed from our game world or please point me in the direction of who can make this happen. Beaumont
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