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  1. Azpiliqueta. Carvajal may be younger but I think Danilo may take his place for Real. _____________________________________________________________________________________ I'm trying to decide between some D©s to make some money on short-term; who would you recommend? Musacchio Mangala Inigo Martinez Abdennour Juan Jesus Martins Indi Bartra I'm currently thinking Bartra even though his playing time is limited at Barca.
  2. Easily the worst league review (as of today) for the end of the season, I really hope they make up for it tomorrow but I have my doubts. Not much of a biggie but I'm also very surprised that Patrick Roberts hasn't been upgraded after his big-money (for an inexperienced teenager) move to a big club. Hopefully a sign of things to come!
  3. Lloris for me although Hart has more chance of rising at Man City then Hugo does at Spurs. My question; Is Milik really worth keeping now? I'm thinking about swapping him for Mitrovic now that he's move to the Premier League. No multi-quote really has killed this thread
  4. I spent enough time reading that, let alone trying to type a reply You're definitely passionate about your opinions, I'll give you that! Hopefully, Busquets will get injured for a long period or leave and then we can see how successful Barca are. I don't know about you but it's nice to read other peoples opinions even if you disagree P.S. Do you split the quotes up manually or is there some button I'm missing?
  5. I would because Mane is younger and Austin will probably peak at 88/89 unless he joins one of the top teams which looks unlikely. I have to agree New Dawn Fades. SM have been generous with Southampton players, I'd have probably put Mane and Wanyama as less than 50% or less to rise now that the season is over. It's worrying how inconsistent SM are though. What are the chances of Benteke getting a +1 as soon as he joins Liverpool?
  6. Haha' date=' that was a very poorly worded question but it was typed 10 minutes after I woke up so I have an excuse Your elitist sounding opinion (whether you mean it or not) gets in the way of good points. The reason I brought stats into play is because I can't exactly just make a comment without reason. Would you have rather I just said that Busquets isn't important to Barca because that's what I could've done if I was lazy. You think that you watch football with a critical eye? Maybe others do too and they have different opinions. Some people prefer Messi, some people prefer Ronaldo and
  7. Was expecting a reply like this from someone that for some unknown reason thinks he knows better than everyone else, the internet, eh? I'm on my tablet so I'll have to keep this short but if Busquets wasn't a player then Barca would sign another player of similar quality in his position and would easily do as well, hell maybe they could get another quality CB and move Mascherano back to the position where he plays so well for Argentina. It's not like I'm saying they'd play Song there instead or something. Yes, he is important to Barca but saying that they wouldn't win the treble without him is
  8. I gave Ki +1 in my original review and took him out because the majority disagreed, I hate you guys!
  9. I've kept quiet on Busquets lately but that's an outrageous thing to say, even by your standards! Sure, they wouldn't have won it with 10 men on the pitch but I've checked up some stats that make an interesting reading; With Busquets in the team, Barca actually have a worse win rate than they do without him in La Liga and Champions League this season (both 100% win in Copa Del Rey). In La Liga, they have a 80% win rate without (4 wins, 1 draw) and a 78.78% win rate with (26 wins, 3 draws, 4 losses). In the CL, they have an 100% win rate without (3 wins) and an 80% win without (8 wins, 2 losses
  10. Is it looking likely that Raphael Guerreiro will leave Lorient this summer? I really want him for one of my smaller teams but his external value is very high
  11. You're forgetting the fact that Kane started this season at 83. If he started at 88 then I'm sure he would've got 91 over the season like some of the above did. Next season, if he has another solid season, he'll get his 91, maybe 92.
  12. Just a quick sweep-over, think I only added Aguero and RLC to the list too but there's most likely a few others that'll get little rises. A lot of the bottom-half teams are probably hit and miss too
  13. I'm confused as to whether the last line is a mistake or sarcasm Both will be 93 unless SM screw Matic over. Sanchez should get 94, Fabregas and Silva will stay. Emre Can and Oxlade shouldn't be getting upgrades. Can may have had a good U21 Euro but in my opinion, he was shocking for Liverpool (granted he was being played out of position) and the rest of his team weren't much better. McNair should get a nice upgrade, I'd probably say +3 to put him above Blackett (who I don't think should rise). I would've said Ivanovic would have a chance at 93 but since Jordi Alba didn't get it, I'd be
  14. My hopes for Azpilicueta to 92 have been dented. They can't (but probably will) put him level with Alba in my opinion.
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