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  1. Re: UFC Official Thread Oh my daze. Yeah that Patolino kid was swift.
  2. Re: UFC Official Thread Brandao was quite overweight during weigh ins. Leben is also the underdog against Uriah. Id like to see Uriah Hall follow no game plans and just fight. Weidman will either get knocked out first two rounds or go on to win unanimous decision. Solid card.
  3. Re: UFC Official Thread Anyone pumped for this weekend? Can't see Ronda lose. That Judo. Not too sure which way the main event will go. Looking forward to it.
  4. Re: Mosquito (Thiago Rodrigues da Silva) - Next Brazilian Sensation Bump. Mosquito seems to be making some headlines with rumours suggesting a potential move to a big European Club. He needs to be added to the database.
  5. Re: Ramires I don't mind starting another debate on as to why he is only 91. Should at least be par with Carrick, which I feel is still asking for less.
  6. Re: emboaba oscar Surely Oscar deserves a rating increase. He is been doing wonders for club and country.
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