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  1. Re: UFC Official Thread

    That's not necessarily a career ender but at 38 you would think so so nasty.

    Rousey is a beast. 22 year old Brazilian kid made a bloody mess of Vouelker and Browne now he's a scary dude however if Barnett got on top he'd have certainly lost in my opinion.


    Oh my daze. Yeah that Patolino kid was swift.

  2. Re: UFC Official Thread

    Really unfortunate' date=' Silva is done, its over. Fair well legend.[/quote']

    That was peak. Felt sick watching that.

    Weidman was still impressive prior to the kick.

    So many sick fights.

    But yeah, spider will always be a legend. Respect.

  3. Re: UFC Official Thread

    Brandao was quite overweight during weigh ins.

    Leben is also the underdog against Uriah. Id like to see Uriah Hall follow no game plans and just fight.

    Weidman will either get knocked out first two rounds or go on to win unanimous decision.

    Solid card.

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