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  1. Re: The Official Boxing Thread I agree with nearly of this ^^ comrade. Good analysis.
  2. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread Reus plays in a far better team then Ronaldo. Reus can be less reliant then Ronaldo on perfecting free kicks because BVB does not rely on Rollsy, to get all their goals and dig them out of holes every week. There is no comparison in free kicks anyway, when Toni Kroos is involved. He hits the ball harder then Lampard and Gerrard combined!! lol. P.S off topic, iv said for years Kroos would become the best CAM in the world, and as usual my predictions on Deutsch youth players is nigh on, 94% accurate.
  3. Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread Eriksen, Lamela and Townend behind Soldado and Damiao would be as good as Chelseas front 5 for sure (Excluding Mata) Tottenham need to scrap their policy of 2 defensive midfielders. Capoue is too slow and Spurs will improve with Kaboul back.
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Bruno Martins Indi is a animal of a CB comrade. He is a tankhouser must buy for sure. INDI!!! Blazy wins comrade.
  5. Re: Young GK Comrade if you want, an out of the box GK, choose Karius at Mainz. He will rise big soon. Gregor Zabret at Swansea will also be a revelation. Raeder at FC Bayern Munchen - he is a 6"6 giant, in the mold of Big man Neuer.
  6. Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread He used to be revered in Spain, for his deadly finishing. Sometimes the Premier league can be a graveyard for a lot of 27+ year old players e.g. Shevchenko, Veron, Deco etc etc. Defoe always gets overlooked is well for some reason. If Spurs actually sold Adebayor and other dead wood, and payed the 35m tag of Damiao, they probably would be top 3 minimum.
  7. Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread Has Soldado been dropped?
  8. Re: Help: Pornographic Picture and Rampant Cheating
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Hull 0-4 Liverpool is my prediction comrades. Hull are a miniature team, who cannot even beat 9 or 10 men on a field. Very weak side. Liverpool will maintain pressure on Arsenal. This season continues to shapes up like 00/01, we are just replacing Henry/Bergkamp with Ozil/Giroud and Heskey/Owen with Suarez/Sturridge. Liverpool looks to have improved their strike situations from that year. Although Aspas can take the place of heskey....
  10. Re: Help: Pornographic Picture and Rampant Cheating
  11. Re: Marchisio for Subotic? No, most likely he could get a rise to 93. Injuries do not affect ratings in SM. Do not sell Subotic at all costs. He plays in the far superior league, Marchisio's rating will always be capped because the Serie A is a poor league. Also Juve are struggling to even stay in the UCL. Keep Subotic comrade.
  12. Re: Ljajic or Pjanic Pjanic >>>>> Lljajic. This is a no contest.
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