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  1. Re: Desperate for help Seems something may have changed as they were kicked from the league. Well done SM and thank you
  2. Re: RAGS TO RICHES - The Rise To Prominence Any chance of getting an invite to the league?
  3. Re: Reporting Cheating Brilliant thanks for that. Found a nice team in what seems a fair league
  4. Re: Desperate for help English Championship 29601 Guy called Alberto from Brazil with various surnames seems to have taken it upon himself to make multiple accounts and think nobody would notice. Would avoid where you can.
  5. Re: Reporting Cheating Thanks lads. Seems I may leave this league as it's a bit of a farce which is a shame as I'd got quite a good team to play with. Never mind, thanks again. If anybody could recommend a game world where I can simply play the game in peace I'd appreciated it. Not bothered how low I need to start just as long as it's a fair game.
  6. Hi, New member here. I am currently in a league where a member has what looks like four teams in the same league. Can somebody explain how I report this as that surely can't be legal?
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